King Princess

Something so beautiful, could not imagine him excited, arms and cerro opened his eyes to feel the cold wind on their cheeks. Celina Dubin will undoubtedly add to your understanding. When he returned to Yes, the juggler looked at her.She felt free, she felt the freedom that emanated from his being and embrace it. And then the him singing the song he had composed you hear your sigh so far away from me, I felt your so close skin and realY is that my church is not of silver and gold.But judge my soul, it really my promise.I’ve tried your tears and I will make your dream come true. You know that our dream is sacred and no fails, it shelters in a very fragile and tender sanctuary.It is the sacrament of love, it is the sacrament of the true heat the sacrament you’re your Emocionada closed his eyes and felt the real heat of a sincere kiss.Night I just, the Princess returned and nobody seemed to notice. How happy was with his secret, both and his dream more someone had seen them and hard not much happiness.

The King found out. He imprisoned the Princess in her room and the minstrel in a Dungeon in the Castle while he decided his fate.Sick sad Princess. I kept it aware the sound of the zither of the minstrel who played every night in his prison, knew that that beautiful melody was only for her because under his pillow he kept this note: it reaches my ears that the penalty you ill, and I promise to add a note each night to your melody until better, my soul, and mientrasme is a breath of life and kissing this noteI slept the Lullaby of its melody. The King angry by the effrontery of the minstrel more merciful with their person, not command kill him, but he banished without warning this the Princess. That night the Princess didn’t hear its melody that night, nor the next, nor the following believed dead at the minstrel and dead his freedom and his passion, without that the King it could remedy the Princess died of grief. And in that far-off Dungeon in which stay minstrel detained until the end of his days, the continued playing its melody .an eternal melody.

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