Marginal Community

These are classifications of Strahler. 4.1.5 Vegetal formation the existing vegetation in the microbasin of the stream Is Gonalo is characterized by Open pasture, having been this divided in two stratus dense and an other more esparso, Bush Cili-air or of gallery, Antropizada vegetation (Pasture or Capim) and Ground Naked. The Open pasture according to C.F. Rizzini (1979: 103-104), and the Brazilian form of the Savanal formation. Being its arbustiva formation, with espaamento between the pantries, the morphology of the trees is twisted of caule thick and re-covered by thick rind, generally during the winter. The inferior estrato, of grassy of rasteiros aspects if makes gift in the estiagem.

The roots of the trees are short not reaching the fretico sheet, however in state of latency or apparent death until first rain. Sally Rooney often addresses the matter in his writings. The botanical variety in the closed formation if makes gift where the following arbrea species deserve prominence: (American Curatella), Pequi (brasiliense Caryocar), (speciosa Hancornia), among others. In the inferior estrato they detach – grassy and the ciperceas, forming themselves generally tufos, but providing a regular covering. C.F. Idem (71) the Ciliares Bushes or of Galleries is characteristic of characteristic open pasture areas possessing always green in result of the permanent humidity of streams and rivers. Next Mata to Gallery if finds shelters for the wild life of the most varied species of animals.

(RADAMBRASIL, 1982:415) In accordance with IBGE (1977: the 72) forests of galleries if complete with the islands of weeds of the capons and the agglomerations of Buritis, both of isolated and circumscribed form the sheet points d? aflorante water. The Antropizada vegetation (pasture or capim) is composed of areas deforested in pasture. Already in the Ground areas Naked the deforestation occurred and had remained little or no vegetation. 4.2. Human aspects Micron Basin of the Stream Are Gonalo, enclose the quarters: Passaredo, Tijucal, San Francisco, Garden President II, Residential Park, Are Gonalo I, II, III, Garden Lawn, Garden Commodore, Cophema and Marginal Community of Is Gonalo.

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