The Individual

Preparation: The subject initiates a effort preparing change plans, with intention to leave it in the next weeks. Despite already it has been able to verify that when is mentioned in the Central cafeteria Perk with its friendly has been replacing his glass by other drinks without alcohol without it has repercussions that cannot confront. Although control has still not remained 24 hours without taking alcohol from stimuli. (A valuable related resource: Sela Ward). It is then giving to some passages towards the action and the contracondicionamiento, trying to take something of control. Charlie it can already take passages towards the change. Actions and ideas appear together for the first time and as of this moment a high predictive value like change variable is granted to autoeficacia. Charlie already begins to value that he will be able to leave even communicates it to his friendly (which support with estusiasmo their changes Relations of aid) its plans, because it has consulted a specialist and it has put under to him a series of test (CAGE) to evaluate his degree of addiction. This process also flame of Autoliberacin because the subject feels its capacity to decide and to choose (is perceived that it has capacity of election and implementation of the change).

– Action or action: Suspension of the habit, moment of the modification of the behavior. Normally it is valued thus when have spent 4 days to one week without drinking and usually one extends to 6 months. Here the individual can receive feedback of its capacity of automatic control to maintain the behavior of not drinking, even in risk situations; and like Bandura, besides Prochaska it considers that the beliefs in own capacity of dominion favors the maintenance of the change, the facing of risk situations and the avoidance of relapses. In this phase, Charlie is pronounced trusting in the scenes in which during its time of stay in the cafeteria or with its friendly to which cracks small jokes on requesting one cotoots some that another time being able to overcome the temptation and feeling more effective.

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