This Love

Who loves takes care of, is the slogan of the public power of Maus. But after all, who loves who? This Love is for who? For the devoid people it is that it is not. It will be for the POWER? It will be for the STATUS? These famous programs alone search the welfare of its idealizers. The main objective is to guarantee votes in the elections. Through these actions they imprison the people of its freedom of thought and decision. They, foundations and incomes to survive of the fruit of its work.

If they exactly knead to the people would not enslave it of its freedoms of choice, however, the poor persons who for necessity if humiliate accepting these obliged crumbs are to make what the master to order. He swims can. They lose the sacred right to express its ideas, its opinions. The harness of the fear, of the oppression the guard night and day. This is cruelest of the slaveries.

He will be that the man has the right to enslave another man? The public power that if really worries about its citizens, creates conditions for the generation of job and income. The USA sporadical, as momentary reinforcement, this type of action, does not stop if perpetuating in the power through the misery of the people. The industry of the misery is decanted even in the radio. A swaggering broadcaster, who lives exclusively the service of the public power says, with the biggest naturalness, if vangloriando, that in Maus they are> adversary. However I would like I am that did not have no beneficiary of none of these eleitoreiros programs. I explain what it did not explain: to receive (to participate) from a program as the Stock market Family, the income to per catches cannot exceed R$ 120,00 (One hundred and twenty Reals) for family.

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