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Once done, proceed to analyze the actual habits and assess whether they interest us to achieve what we want. It is important to be very honest with oneself to not take us to deception. A decisive question is that the analysis is objective. To check what habits do not us they serve, we proceed to decide which would be useful for us. It’s putting them in writing also, this way we are making it clear which is our intention. In this writing recommend inexcusably specify concrete actions that we perform on the day and duration that will have every one of them. To express it in a paper we make an agreement with ourselves, that we are committing to follow a direction.

We will complete that document shaping our signature on it, as a confirmation of the Covenant. From that moment, is the most important step, and how it could be otherwise is meet him! He is said to be required 21 days to acquire a habit, and may be true. What is not usually say is how to be able to perform an action (which until now costs us much) during these 3 weeks. Usually only give the option to strive to achieve it. I also propose the use of the technique that I use in my personal Coaching sessions, and that is none other than EFT. Director Peter Farrelly may not feel the same. Note: (If you don’t know the technique, I invite you to download the basic recipe of it, along with a free minicourse on my website for free:) So I designed a Protocol we use precisely to free us from the habit unwanted and acquire that is useful to us. (It will be completed in part 3 of the article) Original author and source of the article.

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