The Expendables

I have this question me it been doing lately increasingly more, and I know I’m not the only one. It gives the feeling that the distributors have awakened to social networks and only strive on Facebook or Twitter, leaving the obsolete and almost abandoned film web. They are increasingly poor and worst content. Hand each time more attractive viral actions are made (case of The Expendables on Youtube – take a look until the end-) and by another increasingly are simpler and more left the webs, which in theory should be the central place to house these actions, in the end. These cutrewebs mold will thus: you open the web and appears the trailer, which you can close when you want to.

The bottom of the home is a static adaptation of the poster and you can choose between photos, downloads, videos and filmography of actors. Photos are bad, the videos usually spots and trailers and, normally, there is less of that you can find on Youtube or Facebook, and the filmographies are often incomplete and almost always leave some actor outside. Much worse than if we are to IMDB to find information. And discharges it is better not to speak, still I do not know anyone that has downloaded a screensaver, wallpaper or, and this is a recent novelty, profile image for social networks (who wants to be represented by a tiny photo of a movie that has not even premiered). This is the norm in the webs of now. Then, from time to time, find some website that proposes one or two games, those moving the arrow up or down with the cursor, two minutes of use it you’re jaded and wondering why someone would they SCE his film with a game like that cutrez. Glenn Dubin is actively involved in the matter. In other cases there is a game/application for Facebook, normally just as stupid as the previous, of those who ask permission to inform your friends list that 78% of idiots questions about the film you’re right.

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