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International System

"Parasitism, mutualism or predation? In the animal kingdom, daily are different types of interactions between existing species. Recently William O. Douglas sought to clarify these questions. Many animals depend on others to live on (riding) and make it through the exploitation of other species, another type of relationship is mutualism, in which parties benefit from each other so you can live, here the two organisms are dependent, finally, we find an animal interaction, which consists of hunting and death suffered by some individuals of some species (prey), by others that eat them called predators or predators. These types of interactions are not the only ones that exist in the animal kingdom, but they are the most relevant and which have better attendance, ie, in this way is that they operate the various species of animals in the Animal System 1. Sean Rad, New York City often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In the International System is exactly the same as in animals, there may be a state that operates to another, as does the parasite, that two or more mutually beneficial, or that a Extremely powerful and influential state devour their prey, through strategies whether political, military or cultural. But above all, the preceding analysis does not gravitate in the study of the interaction of the States of the International System in general, but in a more specific analysis of interactions, which comprise only a continent divided into two parts: the United States and Latin America; and it is here where the question is asked encompassing problem this study: Are relations between the U.S. and LATINOAMRICA Mutual (mutual benefit), PARASITIC (exploitation of one state to another), OR DEPREDACIN (mitigation, control or slavery) of a nation TO ANOTHER? At the international level, USA has been characterized by the large number of interventions and influence of Latin America. EU has always focused its foreign policy toward the search and struggle for freedom, democracy and justice, arguing – from centuries ago, they are a people chosen by God and that possess the divine duty to explore and conquer new lands for the achievement and its celestial targets 2, whatever the reason, we will discover a life form, the U.S. . .


1.For the beginning, you need to find a clear definition of "lifestyle" – a healthy way, and works closely with the way to go; 2.Suschestvuet a number of diseases that come only with age, but the key to these diseases is still a distant youthful years as a result – take care their health at an early age; 3. provide various kinds of ailments to take effect. Hear from experts in the field like BAFTA for a more varied view. Doctor's visit, with the only hint of discomfort; 4.Soblyudat due rationalism in all; 5.B any situation, maintain a maximum tranquility. San Antonio Spurs contributes greatly to this topic. Restraint, in order to preserve a positive state of the nervous system; 6. defined with the scope of its activities. Work should bring not only material but also moral satisfaction; 7.

support the body in stable physical condition through various athletic exercises. Charging in the morning, and walks in the evenings does not harm anyone else; 8.Zdorovy sleep. Doctors recommend at least 5 hours, more than 9; 9.Ni under any circumstances do not try to "hide in a bottle." Also do not use for removal of various stress conditions or for relaxation, harmful drugs, whether conventional drugs or cigarettes; 10.Aktivny holiday. If so brilliant weekend, take as much time to rest, rest in motion; 11.Ni under any circumstances, tune into gloom. The decline of moral strength, is something other than "open door" for the ailments. There is The view that many diseases begin with a "conscious acceptance of the add. Returning to the teenage 'dependencies' of smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, we can draw some conclusions. Why ruin your body at such an early age? After all, there are lots of other more useful activities.

Naturally the same teenage alcoholism was, is and always will be, it is probably inherent in the mentality of Russian people. Nevertheless, among young people also prosperous and more healthy aspirations. In summer for example, can frequently be seen 'cycling', as in the streets and fields. Also a lot of young guys visit exhibitions, and theaters. Due to the increasing number of suburban camps, more and more guys go on vacation in these same camps. It is also not a small amount of 'moonlighting' youth. All of this to the fact that before you build yourself from God knows what, adapting to the bottle, you should consider, and whether we should in this way to spend their leisure time. You can always find a lot of lessons more useful than the stagnation of their golden years is not known what condition, the unknown where. In our world, too many different gifts that would be limited to a minimum, and is also not the most favorable minimum.