Daily Breakfast

Among those routines that end of waking in the morning included, at breakfast, reading some mail and newspapers. It is not, in the case of newspapers and in those moments, to read them properly, that is: not going after news or specific sections and development or seek any preferred column. As I finish rid of traces of sleep, the word printed on the front pages in digital format rejoins me to reality. More info: ??-????. Leo internet daily and although we often use the contents of an almost voracious-reader dynamic of Web-Press, owner of the trade history reporting, maintains current prestige and charm. My meetings in the mornings with titles and subtitles are specific ceremonies.

Looking for a few minutes, without any order or priority, perhaps some unexpected holder prevents me for the rest of the day or phrase to large columns that I become, at that early hour, in the privileged possessor of a first. Perhaps by contrast, seek to confirm that none of the News updated threaten the routine. Invariably, in either event, and after inspection early this messy, start my day. And after almost 20 years still do not know the reason for my concern over control from the breakfast turned into a sort of Catcher in yawning, which opened the day titles. Funny and endearing ritual is what brings me to check without delay, after 6 hours without any news, if the world is still in the usual place, turning on its axis unchanged or whether, as he slept, the dollar had increased in value 25.

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