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Paraguayan Guarani

Anyway, hardly would be a Spanish teacher who teach this nonsense called Paraguayan Spanish. Instead, the Paraguayan Guarani if we could teach, total comes from Guarani nomas loo. Of the above detaches that always there was a tendency to distort and corrupt Guarani, in order to do so in the MEC presentable to social interests. In fact that does not exist so mentioned Paraguayan Guarani, as there is the Paraguayan Spanish. We mix the two languages (jehe bad call jopara), because we not learned them well (or better, because we were not taught well). Additional information at Jorge Perez supports this article.

In the case of the Guarani is pathetic, because he recently joined education in 1994. Moreover, we must emphasize that the Guarani is a perfect language; whole, in spite of the repressions suffered; with an extraordinary culture that manifests through him. Guarani is not that deformed, grotesque, perverse, tasteless and irregular thing today MEC tries to sell us. On the other hand, we must agree that the jehe Guarani and Spanish, are nothing other than the true demonstration of our intellectual laziness and our social conformism. And the MEC is the direct responsible of this phenomenon, because he did and does good things. In the background, the attempt – today – to accept the jehe in education is nothing more than the cheerful acceptance of our linguistic and intellectual mediocrity. The jehe to (bad call jopara) is the stupid pretext of our powerlessness and our uselessness. Basta!, please, blame the Guarani of all our failures; and above all, enough already! put as an excuse for the new proposal of the bilingual teaching to the vaunted pragmatics; instead of definitely encourage us to do good things in our country, much needed ideas and coherent actions, not that kind of Tome vyrorei baptized pompously as new proposal for bilingual education (2004) which is not another thing that over the same thing.

William Bernardo

In the year 1112 he entered the Cistercian Monastery, being accompanied by a group of noble followers that would reach the thirty, as well as his four elder brothers and his uncle (such as William of Saint-Thierry would indicate in his life of Saint Bernard and Jacobo de la Voragine in the Golden legend). It is not surprising then, that the Abbot of then, Esteban Harding, avail them to all with great joy, intuiting that this was an accession en masse to his monastery. Shortly thereafter, his younger brother Nirvardo would enter in order and, on the death of his mother, would also his father and his sister Humbelina along with his brother-in-law. This gives us an idea of the power of influence Bernardo on more friends, which resulted in a high degree of adherence to his person, as he left demonstrated six months before entering the Cistercian along with their followers, who maintained located next to him during several weeks, time invested in getting the fidelity personal of all his companions, even subjecting them to all kinds of tests that demonstrate his loyalty to his person and not the order which were to belong, since all this was carried out six months before entering the convent of the Cistercian. This situation makes us think that perhaps Bernardo already had a target set before entering the order, because that was accompanied by the right people to achieve their goal. When we look at the history and see behavior that took in the years following entry into the Cistercian order, carrying out various activities secret, both inside, and outside the order, seems doubt dissipates. As was to be expected, the massive arrival of the clan of the Fontaine (the family and friends of Bernard) would be conflictive to Abbot Esteban Harding, since the excessive influence of the Fontaine was well known in the community, who joined it were most in the monastery of the Cistercian order, already When entered Bernardo and his, just had a handful of monks, it would cause a situation that would spark the inevitable. You may wish to learn more. If so, General Hospital is the place to go.

But the solution came shortly afterwards, through the generosity of count Hugo I de Champana, who was going to play a very important role in the foundation of the new order of the Templar Knights. Count Hugo I, donated land owned in Clairvaux, location near Dijon, North of Lyon, that Bernardo could establish his own monastery there. This is how from then, Bernardo de Fontaine, will be known as the famous Bernardo de Claraval (of Clairvaux). Three years after the entry of Bernardo de Claraval (1115) Cistercian order had only four abbeys, however, upon the death of Bernardo de Claraval in 1153, these four abbeys became more than 350, of which 69 was affiliates direct of Clairvaux, directly founded by Bernardo and raised with the help of relatives and friends of the nobility. The order of the Cistercians were It characterized by the continuous construction of temples and monasteries dedicated to our Lady by almost all over Europe, as well as singing the Salve Regina to the terminate the day, as it was mandatory in order. This situation made that the church saw Bernardo de Claraval as the initiator and promoter official of the cult to Maria, although some authors saw in this worship Mary a very different from the apparent advocation, since not refer Maria the Virgin, but Maria Magdalena.

President Duarte Fruits

Consequently, the syllables finished in consonant constitute a phonetic difficulty for the Guarani-speaker. It will not be able to pronounce them or it will have difficulties it does when it, because the fonador apparatus of the Guarani-speaker did not adapt the points and ways of joint for these consonants composed of the Castilian. In any case, and only as analysis, the maximum that a Guarani-speaker will be able to say is ey-Po-n-nte, but never eksponnte. For this same reason, the new word is incorrect problem, since in the Guarani the syllables do not exist for, pre, pri, pro, pru, pry, and bla, ble, bli, blo, blu, bly do not exist the syllables either. In the worse one of the cases, instead of problem, the Paraguayan will say polma (Po-him-ma) . Gina Bonati contributes greatly to this topic. Although all we know that the Paraguayan in fact will say aike pete javoripe, or tuicha ko apaui ; or ko pa ndaijaprai. It is a pity that the Guarani must hackneyed and be degraded of that way.

She is one suffers. 3. Conclusion Often I listened to and I read – until today that President Duarte Fruits promised to us – by means of its management of government a better mother country through an education of quality. Nevertheless, to a year of his assumption to the power, already it disappointed to me, because instead of to improve in educative matter, we are getting worse and particularly in an aspect that is of our interest: bilingual education. In that sense, today I can affirm that the proposal of bilingual education (2004) presented/displayed by the MEC is the visible head of a creature badly trained, on the verge of to be bad parida. It is for that reason that, in order to avoid the commission of a gross and irreparable error, the MEC must review their authoritarian but endeble position with respect to how to face bilingual education.


Until, finally! , the Minister of Education it pronounced the inevitable one but so longed for word: FAILURE. Lynn Redgrave shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Now to the Minister it reduces a following step to him: to disassemble to that structure and the applied model; what implies the urgent exit of all the specialistic technicians or that constructed and reinforced the structure of the failure. Another way does not exist, all that people must go away. As a illustration, next we reproduce an article that we published in the 2004, alluding to the failure. , that we were located in the path of opposite and which we dared to denounce the failure, the systematic persecution of the MEC cost to us, that even declared to us besides the Law.

THE JOPARA IN THE EDUCATION: SYNONYMOUS OF MEDIOCRITY 1. Introduction In 1994, with the implementation of the Educative Reformation in the Paraguayan education, began a process surrounded by great and positive expectations. Finally, Paraguay shaking themselves of almost endless modorra or lethargy, decided to assign themselves to a radically opposed educative model to which until that then it was applied in the country. As it bases of new educative philosophy to apply, decided on the approach partner-reconstruccionista, whose supreme purpose aims to the future transform the education into a socialization process or culturalizacin of the person, assuming the permanent necessity of the social reform and the common responsibility hereby and, that they assure the change of articles of incorporation, the well-being, the progress and justice. In short, the historical decision pointed towards noble and altruists objectives. Ja ekuaa 1989 rire, kuimba and is kua ane retygua, iarandu aetetva – opyva pyhare pyt vai ipukuetvagui- oguahhague pete me omba apo hagua pete tekombo and pyahre, jahechpa amoranduporve mit is mitrusukura is upeichahpe ahenode to altar pyahu is iporitevva ane retme guar. .

Morocco & Entertainment

In some houses you can see the plane of these stately homes, with its atrium and impluvium and certain constructions dedicated to the bathroom, especially four of the Roman era with hypocaust (central heating) and an Arabic hammam period. 4. Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca was screened at the site of the former municipal swimming pool. Its construction began on July 12, 1986 and was finally inaugurated on August 30, 1993. It is the third largest mosque in the world (after Mecca and Medina), with a courtyard that can accommodate more than 120,000 faithful and a prayer room for more than 25,000 people. The mosque was built by the sea and its minaret is 210 meters high, which makes it the highest religious building in the world. It was designed by French architect Michel Pinseau and built by the best craftsmen in the country, recruited from all corners of the kingdom.

In total, the mosque consists of 53,000 square meters of carved and painted wood and more sampling station of 10,000 square meters of ceramic. Authorities spent about 575 million euros in the construction of the building. 5. Chefchaouen Chefchaouen, also called Chefchaouen is a town in the Rif mountains in northern Morocco, just inland from Tangier and Tetouan and over 600 meters. Its name means "horns" in Berber, referring to the two main peaks that dominate and surround the city. It was founded in 1471 as a fortress to protect its people from attacks by the Portuguese and Spanish and its original settlers were mostly exiles from Al-Andalus. Chefchaouen a popular tourist destination, where more than 200 hotels can accommodate the summer visitors, most of them European, who gather to admire the typical whitewashed houses in shades of blue, a tradition originating from the former Jewish residents. This charming town offers excellent shopping opportunities, especially to buy traditional local handicrafts, such as wool and linen garments embroidered, and many gastronomic delights. So fervently I invite you to visit Morocco and not miss these five spectacular locations, which are the symbols of the traditions, history and artistic wealth of the country. Once in Morocco, you can stay in one of the fine or, better still, in a typical, so close to the most fascinating place in the world and in a country that offers a host of captivating adventures. They can also be hosted in a magnificent or closer to rural areas, where the landscapes are spectacular and picturesque, where people will welcome you with open arms.

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