State Laps

Get good traction often very difficult there, so it will be an important factor in the adjustments of the car. We are going to build on the knowledge of tyres that we have acquired during the winter tests despite conditions in Australia, it is likely that are a little different. Pirelli have brought their pneumatic hard as the first option and the soft as the second. Interestingly, the weather forecast indicates that rain could further stoke the procedure, so of course the intermediates are also here. Since the teams will be given an extra set of hard tyres for use during Friday free practice, with what their total allocation of 12 sets of tires from dry throughout the weekend and that allows them to run more laps in free practice to finalize settings.

Review article on the codification of the Pirelli tires to be informed about the colors associated with the compounds in terms of prospects for Red Bull, the champion had this to say: there is uncertainty perhaps to know where is located in comparison with others, have certainly never had to before when they have only played with the typical. things like the burden of fuel. This time, some people brought their aerodynamic packages sooner or later. Then, in addition to loads of fuel that without media recharges can vary from zero to 160 kg or more, they are not tyres which, depending on its State, new or used, and then with a couple of laps of use or a good number, a couple of seconds can be pulled in that. This means that everyone can mix, and that is what we have seen in testing. And that’s why it has been so difficult to read how strong the others are. But the uncertainty by ourselves? We need not be afraid of that, because I think we know what we have done and we should be in good shape.

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