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They rent and they lend without permission the property or the swimming pool when they have the certainty that the owner is not going to go and they do not render accounts. To know more about this subject visit Vanessa Marcil. They make calls largusimas by the telephone and when doing to them the reclamation they get angry, they say hunger dead to him to one and threaten going away of the property and immediately leaving left it not to hold more humiliations. They do works to them to other neighbors in the normal schedule. If they are not watching them and marking under pressure, it is difficult that they fulfill to cabalidad the assigned tasks. When other supplies become bored or have, they do not have scruple in going away immediately, almost without warning.

When they are dishonest, the rarest robberies of electric home appliances, tools, products, animal, eggs happen and milk; in more delicate cases, threats, extortions and kidnappings. No is almost discreet, by opposite, speaks without containment until by the elbows, thinks of everything, knows of everything, interferes in all the conversations. And when finalizing the labor relation, counts on the guaranteed demand, always on the endorsement of the office of the work. They know more of labor right than the lawyers and the law protects always them without no type of consideration by the landlord, that always is the reincarnation of the demon, not concerning or shared in common nobleman enough or who has been with him and its family. And when you manage to remove some production to the tierrita, when doing accounts discovers that are eggs, fruits or harvest more expensive of world, that by the value of the hen that managed to raise, had occurred a pheasant banquet, that the cow that always becomes ill is the one of one, which the fish seeded in company which they die are those of one, not those of the butler. The best thing is to take that capital and instead of to bury it in a property that is embeleco expensive that does not generate but expenses, to invest it, and with the produced thing, one can make the stroll that want, rent the property of another poor man who or bit the hook, to go to hosteras, to go to towns, to go to the coast or until the foreigner, with the single interests, without the ulcers, the rages, the operating and conchudos friendly, the butlers abusive profiteers and Original author and source of the article.

State Laps

Get good traction often very difficult there, so it will be an important factor in the adjustments of the car. We are going to build on the knowledge of tyres that we have acquired during the winter tests despite conditions in Australia, it is likely that are a little different. Pirelli have brought their pneumatic hard as the first option and the soft as the second. Interestingly, the weather forecast indicates that rain could further stoke the procedure, so of course the intermediates are also here. Since the teams will be given an extra set of hard tyres for use during Friday free practice, with what their total allocation of 12 sets of tires from dry throughout the weekend and that allows them to run more laps in free practice to finalize settings.

Review article on the codification of the Pirelli tires to be informed about the colors associated with the compounds in terms of prospects for Red Bull, the champion had this to say: there is uncertainty perhaps to know where is located in comparison with others, have certainly never had to before when they have only played with the typical. things like the burden of fuel. This time, some people brought their aerodynamic packages sooner or later. Then, in addition to loads of fuel that without media recharges can vary from zero to 160 kg or more, they are not tyres which, depending on its State, new or used, and then with a couple of laps of use or a good number, a couple of seconds can be pulled in that. This means that everyone can mix, and that is what we have seen in testing. And that’s why it has been so difficult to read how strong the others are. But the uncertainty by ourselves? We need not be afraid of that, because I think we know what we have done and we should be in good shape.

Grand Prize

At first glance, the first race of the Championship 2011 of Formula one from the FIA seems to distill a direct fight between Red Bull and Ferrari, as well as in 2010. McLaren MP4-26 Melbourne has brought in an effort to overcome their difficulties in the evidence, and the expression of Ross Brawn suggests that the update that Mercedes led to the recent test in Barcelona really has excited team. Asked what he thought now in innovative exhaust system, Brawn gave a big smile and said: to be honest, we have been so focused on our last update that actually had not had much time to think about it yet. But our modifications certainly seemed to work! And he added:…Our pre-season program has gone as well as he might have wanted to however, as always, the first race will be the real measure of where we are in terms of competitiveness around the world is waiting anxiously to see how the network strikes in Melbourne, and where we find ourselves, we are going to respond accordingly. Our ability to react with force has improved considerably in the last 12 months and we have a robust development plan in place. Meanwhile, at Red Bull, the champion of the world is eager to go.None of us has promoted in the whole circuit of Melbourne on Pirelli tires before, so all we ask ourselves what will happen, said Sebastian Vettel. It is the beginning of something new.

I think that the only thing we can say with certainty is that it will be different and create a great interest. Usually a hard tire track, so I think it is something that we are going to have to keep an eye during the race. Melbourne has a couple of things to keep in mind: the theme requires good braking stability and some of the corners are a little rough.

The Warning

That very tasteless the kidney beans, that very small the swimming pool, that very narrow the baths, that lack him painting to front of house, that very neglected garden, that in a moment finished the rum, that by tacaos does not put television by cable in all the quarters, that if is to you account of which not even they had antisunburn in the bath for the visits, that the poor owner never has had good taste for the pictures that puts in the wall. And meanwhile one is the one that it must pay the pay and parafiscal of the butler, accounts of services public, administration, taxes, dismissed profit of the value of the property, maintenance of the swimming pool. Nobody supports with one. Nobody offers quota to help him him in these fixed costs nor when they borrow the property until by fifteen days. And if to somebody it is happened to request quota to pay to him between all, to they include it to the owner like an equal, without the expenses previously related mitigate the erogacin and they have a little to him consideration in view of which it must assume without aid of anybody. And it goes and it commits the audacity of not lending it to the companion of office or the nephew of the wife with its friendly of the district or of university. You are a stingy one, egoistic a self-seeking one and trepador who no longer worthy to share the goods with which they have less opportunities, than no longer turn around to watch to that they grew with you.

They almost retire the greeting to him and they escupen ironies and satires to him each that occurs the opportunity. And if the quick one is worse: baths taquiados with paper and hygienic towels, in spite of the warning in which it is requested they throw that them to the wastebasket. Old and moldy food in the kitchen.

The Game

Soon three days pass in that there is to go several times to the town to fit the food, always in the car of one and with the silver of one, counting whereupon the sacrificed wife, without wanting it nor choosing it, it had to rise early daily to prepare the breakfast for all while they smoothed out in the beds, after trashcan dancing and singing, prey of a ferocious undertow. It spends all the day in the kitchen countermand and cleaning, trying to be kind and courteous not to appear like bad nitrification, it thunders against while it to one with the glance and him oath that this time if she will be the last one, to recommence with the routine in the following weekend. The day of the game, the guests as by magic art they disappear immediately after the lunch; nobody question if there is quota that to put, if there is to clean up the house or jacuzzi, if there is to load the sweepings bags for the storing, if there is to clean baths.

Mysteriously the few beers and soda waters of the refrigerator disappear, in case it gives to thirst in the way us; Farra of brandy bought by the owner, still fills until half, finishes in the car of the brother cousin of the woman of mooch invited by a brother-in-law who in week nor salutes to us, to take the starting us in the highway. The leftover packages of casabas and Mercator that we brought in our own market, finish in the car of the wife of the cousin, in case to the girl of it gives to fatigue in the stomach during the trip. And it does not watch the inventory of compact discs so that not him of more bitterness. And stammer a jacket for my fianc2ee who is Frigidaire, the same that did not return to never see. And it is very clear that nobody is completely contented.