Servicetrace Managing Director

\”ServiceTracer client (STC) for the end-to-end monitoring of Central applications with new release of Darmstadt, June 23, 2008 – the Darmstadt-based software company Servicetrace has a functional significantly enhanced version of its client service tracer\” (STC) on the market. This Administration’s poor end-to-end robot is the continuous monitoring of performance and availability of key applications from the perspective of the IT user. A novel for the monitoring market high-speed image recognition, with all applications and Terminal Services can be safely operated and monitored is one of the most important functional innovations. The universal solution given the guard of STC and STC protector also has an interactive error-handling and automatic recovery, external factors. The additional features in conjunction with high stability proven in the market and the unique combination of implemented tool boxes make unique and universal tool in its performance profile can be used\”, explains Servicetrace Managing Director of Markus Jatin. The solution easily offer a close look at the IT quality for the end user. Also the ServiceTracer client is the only Intelligent robot solution for the end-to-end monitoring, which is practically in the plug and play method can be used and provides immediate reliable reports\”, Jatin added.

The software is able to operate in the market under applications and services and to monitor. Deviations, the ServiceTracer client provides accurate information, in which location service does not work. The tool which provide for the few solutions on the market that can verify collected data and complete information\”know Jatin from product comparisons. For example, the ServiceTracer clients have routines to heal itself of its own system, which can also be used for the automatic error handling. The powerful instruction set also allows, in addition to a secure Applikationsbedienung also Automation and administration functions such as file handling, text check, drive mapping, making process control or reboot. The client robot belongs to the monitoring platform ServiceTracer\”, which also offers modules to the server and network monitoring, as well as a central management unit.

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