Sell Money At A Discount .

I once advised a man who taught the method of theft prevention personnel. This man was a thief, who knew how to do it, because he stole in his time. (This type of theft is not well known, but it a huge problem. In a typical convenient store, for example, the amount of stealing is equal to or even exceeds the income of the owner). For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jessica Michibata has to say. The former thief taught business owners how to prevent this type of loss – and they tremble.

Realistically, it had a box full of letters from the owners and directors of the shops, who wrote how much they saved money for a week or a month after a visit to his workshop. These letters told of saving thousands of dollars with only one shop. Some large companies reported on amounts over $ 100,000 per month after that, what he taught. Ken Kao often says this. But this thief, who became a consultant, had no idea how it is valuable. He set a price of $ 500 for carrying out its seminar lasts all day, and he was one of a small notepad, plus 6 audio cassettes, which are passed on the contents of the seminar.

All this was packed in a box, which he sold for $ 30. Let me confess: it was the easiest marketing, which I have ever done. The first thing I got him to do – is to raise prices. Really, I immediately ordered him to triple his fee to $ 500 to $ 1500. It was a shock (but not for me), then the protests were weak and no loss clients. Shortly thereafter, his fee rose again to $ 2500 from the effects – small customer complaints. Even at $ 2500 a day for them, it was such a bargain that they could not complain. In fact, we sold 10 to 100 000 dollars per $ 2500. Who would not buy it? And we had proof of the value of this transaction. Less than a year, its price as a consultant rose to $ 7500 and it attracted so many customers that do not have time to handle them all. I founded it marketing program to prove that it offers a cash discount. In other words, we showed how much will be repaid in future investments, so that they could not say "No", regardless of the price of the seminar.

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