A Woman

Let's see, why a man should be all in a portfolio and a woman can not go out without your handbag? Or put another way, why a man worth taking up loose change, credit card, mobile, and snuff, if you smoke? Apart from that, what is essential for a woman? Easy! At the very least, the woman is wearing scarves. That is, it is more cautious than men. What else? Well we think so, look at how to differentiate women for the contents of their bags. Almost the majority has a mirror, there is not always a hand mirror to look at without being denigrated as a coquette. Bone, "clear, no? Mirror: flirtatious. Let.

Very often, part of the mirror, that moves, they carry a lipstick. There is who adds a compact, so the brightness. And is that the set of makeup is complex. Is that indicating? The woman feels the need to be our best in every moment, at least … away from home. And wanting to be the best, wants the others are worse. Why Why? It's obvious.

"In order to like myself more," say some. Now, to like it more to yourself knowing that likes men more than the others. What if! That there is no twist. And looking inside that does not recognize it, cast the first stone. And why do you need to feel the most attractive? To understand this we must go back to prehistory o. .. You may find that Glenn Dubin can contribute to your knowledge. close look at nature. There was a time when males fought each other.

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