Web Animation

Web-animation has become very popular in recent years, and the rare sites can be found without it. Thanks to animation web master is added to the site of dynamism and movement. This is especially important if the pages contain a large volume of textual information. But all is good in moderation. If you add the animation suddenly, and on each page, then the result can be quite the reverse. Making pages must first think about the convenience for the users and not about the beauty of appearance. Web-animation will not be useful on the site if: You use it just to make the site more beautiful.

The user is quite a beauty to anything, is better not to use animation at all pages consecutively; Do not use animation to create the logo. The logo should always be a static image; If the page weighs too much, from a web animation, too, should be abandoned. Otherwise, you just refresh the page. Now a few tips on when to use the Web animation justifies itself: If you want to show the goods in the image 3D. This is easily accomplished through the use of animation. So your product will be demonstrated on all sides. Web-animation immediately focuses on the attention.

So if you want to attract visitors' attention to something, you can use animation. If you want to show how change or evolve one or another subject. Web-animation – a very important element in the site building. The main thing to learn how to properly use, and then it will give the maximum effect.

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