Toyota Camry

Men of the strategy, smart and solid, better than we understand that we need. Thank you though reprocessing of nuclear waste is not planned. But something else is well! Or both? And now Newsweek, not forgetting its drop of poison, says as if in passing, that the newly created "Direction of the infrastructure being constructed of glass Plant 'Anji' budget for buying vehicles, two Toyota Camry in the luxury complete with engine displacement of 3.5 liters, at a price – 2.6 million rubles. In the next five years the plant, which is not yet, can get almost 4 billion rubles. Here it's a fact! The following are comments of some corrosive reader who notices dumbfounded: "Brad some, but not a strategy! The impression is that its written by aliens. Created just yet DIRECTORATE FOR BUILDING INFRASTRUCTURE for the plant (ie, the preparations for the construction of the plant it is not), and are already planning to identify this plant 4 billion. I would like to ask at whose expense the banquet? ". Creating a development strategy, the authors, according to the same Newsweek, forgot to include in the paper plans to fight corruption, not analyzed the political situation in the district, did not give estimates of the existing models of political culture and political diversity of North Caucasian republics. In document does not provide the total amount of additional budget required to implement the "best scenario." Newsweek has estimated apart from those already provided 130 billion rubles for three years only for the implementation of the ten most expensive investment in the next ten years, the Caucasus will need 209 billion rubles (60 billion for the priority projects).

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