The Leeks

Then you deal with onions, they need to be cut, it comes Whole wheat flour. Beat the egg and stir in the broth of millet. Fresh parsley chop and give with oregano, paprika, pepper in the pot. Now comes the most important you shapes from flat patties. This is fried everything light brown. Take wholemeal rolls, cut open.

Now you clean the leeks, washed and finely cut. On the buns, making the curd. The bottom half of the bun is occupied with the biscuit with Gouda, matters still Cress. After you cover the whole thing with the top half. It is good if it is eaten immediately, so it tastes the best. For the okoburger you need the following ingredients: 200 g pepper curd, 1 tsp. oregano, 1Gemusebruhwurfel, 150 g millet, 1 hint of pepper, 1 onion, 1 vol.

375 ml water, 4 wholemeal rolls, parsley, 1 lane paprika, 1 stick leek, 50 g of whole wheat flour, 4 washer Gouda, 1 egg, 1 PK. Cress, 1 tbsp. Margarine. 2. recipe parsnip patties with Savoy cabbage puree for this recipe are very many ingredients, but it’s worth, this Court to try out. You need a large pan. There are roasted oat flakes. But without fat, until a delicate fragrance spreads. Wash the barley in a bowl and in the water. To get even the granulated Bouillon, Liebstocklblatter, which are cut small, and the Delikata. It is cooked so long, until a thick paste is formed, it must be stirred constantly. After cooking let stand 10 minutes. Now add the cottage cheese, then the oatmeal. In the meantime, you can deal with the parsnips. They are brushed clean under running water and very thinly peeled. Now, to get the nuts. The parsnips are crushed with the nuts together. It is good if you have an electrical hacker to hand. If not, you just try to chop medium-fine.

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