The Hang

They reflect very well even in low-light conditions and the child It is additionally protected. If you are sure that your child for a bike is ripe enough, then you can grant of course the wish after an own “wire donkey”. Sela Ward takes a slightly different approach. Only, make sure that it is equipped with all listed objects which serve the traffic safety. Seek advice from a specialist dealer. Of course, you can buy a used bike, if it complies with the requirements. Take someone to purchase which has also the idea of the subject, because four eyes see more than two and one not so quickly drawn across the table. Once you have found a suitable bike now, it can be decorated with a loop for the birthday.

Or but you to paint it, if it should be but a different shade. It’s a bit expensive, but not too hard. You will no longer forget the bright and shining eyes of children. But please practice with the child for the first time in the garden, in the park or on an other quiet, level base. Didn’t go on the road and are especially not impatient.

Learning of the wheel driving is a very complex matter for a child. If it but has the hang of it, so it is no longer to unlearn this ability a life too! If you have a child that can already ride bikes, but his old bicycle “is grew out”, then need pay attention only to the inch size of the bike. 16-18 inches should have bikes for 4-6 year olds, usually 24 inch bikes have 20 inch for 6.8 years and then the children. However, even this bike must be absolutely safe! If you keep this in mind, nothing in the way can be common bike rides!

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