The Coordinator

Tutors and advisors of Tema Arto. Tutors are directly responsible for advise, guide and guide the student in the methodology and areas of knowledge according to the theme of the monographic work. Arto The Coordinator of career, the head of the Department teacher and student may submit proposals to the Dean, for the appointment of guardians of monographs, bearing in mind as selection criteria the following aspects: to) teachers with a minimum of 5 years experience in higher education or in the investigacion.b) teachers ((with a minimum of 5 years experience in professional practice and the investigacion.c) teachers with master’s degree, with at least 2 years of teaching practice in higher education, research and practice 3 years profesionalesd) include teachers with administrative charges that comply with any of subparagraphs anteriores.e) professional national and/or international prestige with experience in the area of research or professional field. Arto. 16 The guardians must fulfil the following functions: to) together with the students the plan of work or schedule, which guarantees the realization of the monographic work. ((b) systematically meet the plan of counseling that allows direct and guide the implementation of the monographic work according to the objectives set out in the mismo.c) inform the relevant authority regularly on the implementation of the plan of trabajo.d) review and pointed out corrections deemed necessary, on the monographic work, during the It pre-defensa, for their improvement.

(((e) develop and submit written Dean, with a copy to the student, the valuation on the monographic work what they based the setting of the date for the defence of the mismo.f) submitted to the defence of the monographic work on quality of observador.g) El guardian can invite the defense to professors or professionals related to the topic. Arto The technical advisors of the monographic work are professionals with experience in the research field and specialty to end to the subject of the monograph and whose need will be defined by the tutor, who in turn shall inform its designation, the Dean of the respective faculty. The selection of consultants must be carried out according to the following requisito:a) enjoy prestige profesional.b) be an active part of an interagency agreement or internacional.c) have at least 3 years of professional experience in the area that has the authority to in the monographic work. Chapter IV of the labour PREDEFENSA MONOGRAPH Arto18. Predefensa activity of the Monographic work may be carried out by the students, for the improvement and orientation for the work on those aspects that are considered necessary. It has no evaluative character, but feedback.

Arto completed work monograph, the guardian shall ask Dean the revision of such work in order to set date for your predefensa. Arto.20 the tutor is required to attend the predefensa with the aim of providing more technical elements with respect to the monographic work. Advisers of the monographic issue will have the option to attend (siestos deem it necessary).

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