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Thai Airlines

Thailand – a rather large country in Southeast Asia to move from the north to south by train or bus, it requires at least two days. In addition, some cities in Thailand are located so that ground communication with them very difficult: a network of rail routes not covered the entire country, but the bus trip is sometimes very tedious. If your time is limited to journeys, the most suitable aircraft and about inexpensive alternative to travel. Travel by air is very well organized in Thailand, a dense network of air routes surrounds major cities and tourist resorts. More than forty airports operates throughout the country, chief among which is the airport in Bangkok – Suvarnaphum.

It is the largest air unit for the airline Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways, Thai Air Asia, , SGA Airlines and Pbair. There are a number of airlines which are not only internal flights, but international. More info: Adam Sandler. Let's look at each airline separately Thailand. Airline Thai Airways (TG) Thai national airline since 1960. A dense network of routes covers the whole country, and neighboring Asian countries Some cities in America, Europe, Australia and Oceania.

Along with other airlines Thai Airways serves some of the longest non-stop passenger flights, such as Bangkok-Los Angeles. High level of service combined with relatively low prices. For safety, there are four classes: Royal First, Royal Silk, Premium Economy and Economy, are comfortable and booking conditions. Convenient connections with major flights of other airlines in South-East Asia, the presence of discounts and the opportunity to purchase special regional fare Airpass, which is made in the presence of three or more flights – make the company Thai Airways a market leader in domestic and international air travel in Thailand. Buy tickets at the box office airports, the licensed agency for sales of tickets or reservations on the website of the airline.

Downhill Skiing. Part 1

On how much you are able to competently navigate directly affects your safety in the area of forest. There exists many ways to determine the cardinal directions, knowing that you can easily determine where the South, North, East and West, and concluded from the above – choose the most rational way of your movement. For example, in a situation where you are confused, but know in advance that somewhere in the south of your location there is a certain locality, you can find the right direction, relying on one way to find the compass. Using items: Compass – the easiest and most accurate device allowing to navigate. Currently, there are many options as electromagnetic – mechanical or fully electronic devices. Using the simplest version of a compass to navigate in the wild possible, but man the uninitiated, holding in his hand for the first time such a device is useful to know. At the entrance, for example – in the woods, you should be back to the edge, take a compass, find the diagonal of the north – south, perpendicular to from degree axis to the center, without changing the position of the compass. That is, to put it more simply – to take a reference to the edge of the forest. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from San Antonio Spurs.

Thus, out of the woods, you'll rely not only on knowledge of the direction of north – south, but also on knowledge forest edge location relative to the compass. Note that the compass, as a kind of magnet and may not work correctly if placed near a metal object (knife, belt buckle, watch), and as natural deposits of iron ore. The same orientation using the compass has a drawback – you can go a few miles from where gone. Mechanical wrist watch – a very useful tool in finding right direction in the absence of a compass. Here there are two rules. The first – the presence of the sun, the second – watch should go right (local time).

How to navigate using mechanical watches: should send clockwise to the sun. At the same time between twelve o'clock and the hour hand, somewhere in the middle, will be located south and on the opposite side of the dial – North. Wire (of metal, capable of magnetized) – should be used in the absence of the above. A small piece of wire (2 cm line) can be easily electrified by the hair (for rubbing on them). This wire should be placed on a small sheet of paper plucked from a tree or bush and placed on the surface of the water. Wind, near metal objects should not be.

Christmas Nativity Scene

Venice to leave without tears is not possible. It's impossible to leave without a Venetian carnival mask. The price of one, a decent quality, $ 20-25. You can buy and "fish", that is, a white mask with a long nose, and then paint it independently. In Venice, do not forget about Murano glass – vases, bowls, plates, decorations. Price of one large beads – $ 2. South of the country – Capri, Sorrento – among seasoned travelers famous limoncello (lemon liqueur, or).

Good, better grappa, which is also worth to buy. Nice and present – very nice bottle: twisted forms and intricate cover. Price depends on size bottles – from 2 to 20 dollars. By the way, in Capri you can not just buy limoncello, but taste it for free. In addition to alcohol on memory available and a nice ceramic lemon – from $ 3.

Naples especially like the coquette – there has long been established production cameos. After reviewing the Museum exhibits little cameos, it is worth to buy any pendant or a brooch, set in silver or gold. Prices are great – a good brooch to cost $ 150. But the most noble Neapolitan gifts – Christmas Nativity Scene (The price of a small den $ 10) and sculptures of San Gennaro – the patron saint of un. Price saint of $ 5. And the eternal Rome to stay with you in the form of pretty watercolors. Not da Vinci, but the price – 3-10 dollars. From Rome to home will catch and delicious bottle of balsamic vinegar. Price one bottle – $ 10. Spain In Spain, as well as on our parents to buy leather goods, Ukraine, nice – bags, purses, wallets, belts and shoes – moccasins, sandals or sandals. Gizmos joyful and colorful (orange, red, beige, white), excellent quality, but prices are quite high.