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Constituent Grammar

However after some years only it had its studies entensificados in Germany for germanistas. We remember that Grammatical of Valence it is not the same thing that Grammatical of Constituent. This studies the grouping of the constituent in the lexical structures, in turn, that one mentions the dependence relations contextual. People such as Jorge Perez would likely agree. Let us understand of explicativa form in the distinction that Borba (1966, P. 16) makes between the two grammatical theories.

According to exactly: While a Constituent Grammar if occupies with the analysis of structures trying to discover as a constituent if it incases in another one or it belongs to another one, a Grammar of Valence looks for to detect relations of dependence between categories (basic) that (co) they occur in a context (former.: It depends it on B, if the presence of estimates B). We only made this fast approach for terms a general vision of these two boardings that costuma to confuse as being the same thing, however are not, in agreement could observe in the assertive one transposed above for Borba (1966). From now in them we withhold the boarding of valence for being the main focus of this discuso, more specifically the verbal valence. For Tesnire (1959), a valence grammar presents a sentence paradigm contends a basic element (generally a verb) and certain number of dependent elements, (known as arguments, expressions, complements or braves), whose number and type are determined by the valence that if it attributes to the verb. Borba (1996, p.18) increases despite: ' ' A Grammar of Valences if constructs from the comment of that the lexical item of the language have absolute value or relativo' '.

The type of valence is pointed according to nature of the verb. Four main types of verbal valences exist. 1) Valence Monovalente: it occurs when the verb selects only one argument.

Hospitalized Children

Introduction the justification of this work is based on the fact of that the professionals of the health generally are prepared to deal with the illness, but for the daily consuming and the collection come back toward the vision of profits, they focam in the necessity to cure the illnesses of a patient, however to promote health of quality and above all with not adopted humanizao and as integrant part of the process of hospital internment. Hospitalization in infancy can be configured in a traumatic experience, it moves away the child from its daily life, making it precociously to arise guilt feelings, punishment and fear of the death. The concept of ' ' hospitals-hotis' ' it is current and real trend, the hospital manager must have the capacity to correlate the financial, administrative necessities without forgetting the be-human being who primordial in this process. The hospital manager can then use of this playful technique to develop a work of quality without losing the essence of the medicine. The field of the health comes if redesigning from different subjective identities, then if make necessary to go of meeting to the groups beneficiary of its action. In the attention ace children they necessarily pass for the interpretation cultural partner of the characteristic demands of the being child. Although without direct contact with the patient he fits to the managers not to leave that for standard the patient leaves of being an individual and pass to be only one ' ' caso' ' or one ' ' nmero' ' for the institution, she is necessary to understand the child as a whole, in the attendance is necessary to incorporate playful as the form auxiliary of treatment being thus aimed at to diminish trauma to be hospitalized, creating a direct canal with the universe of the child. Flexibilizar the rules for this promotion can be seen as a great challenge for the professionals of health who if veem in half many times, to a rigid hospital hierarquizao.