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The premium that the investors demand to buy state bonds from Greece to 10 years has gotten to surpass 7% fully, the threshold that according to the Government marks a level of untenable loan. The differential with bund German to 10 years (taken as reference by the market by its quality and solution) has touched a maximum of the era of the Euro of 463 basic points. It is added, that before the fears of which Greece fell in non-payment and seriously harmed the reputation of the zone Euro and the credibility of it descries European, the European Union (the EU) has decided a plan consisting of aid making its available 30,000 million Euros in loans. To this amount it would be necessary to add between 10,000 million and 15,000 million Euros that would contribute to the International Monetary Fund (the IMF).It is hoped that Greece activates the plan, along with the austerity measures that this one demands. Gain insight and clarity with actress. The conversations to define the terms of the aid plan, fixed for Monday, have been posponed as a result of the closing of the airspace in most of Europe after the eruption of a volcano in Iceland. According to Rafael Pampilln, professor of Economic Surroundings of the IE Business School, " the agreement alleviates the problem but it does not solve it.

The Greek national debt will continue increasing like one ball of nieve" until the Greek Government does not recognize his incapacity to do against his obligations of payment. The unique exit is the suspension of payments, a contest of creditors that evidently would harm to the bond possesors griegos". Pampilln assures that it begins to see parallelisms between the present situation of the European country and the financial crisis which Argentina nine years ago faced. According to Pampilln, " the unique alternative for Greece is, of the hand of the IMF, to go to the Club of Paris and the one of London to present/display a suspension of way payments negociada".

Political Issues

Brechner JOSE "I have wondered at times how they would have seen the Ten Commandments when Moses had submitted to the United States Congress"-Ronald Reagan After moving from failure to failure, Barack Obama won a precious legislative victory, the approval of the Health System Reform, which still requires ratification. The controversial dossier of more than 2,000 pages was voted the day before Christmas Eve, as if it were a matter of life or death for the nation. The trouble was due to the theatrical conceit of Obama, who wants the law in effect before the first anniversary of its mandate. That will become the only president who succeeds in introducing a major change in American political structure in such a short time. However, its success is doubtful. The Senate applied "roll", known in Third World countries, where the officer abusing his majority opinion dismisses the opposition and approved motions to suit the ruling party.

No Republican senator voted favor. In the United States that is not the way things are done. Proposals of this magnitude seek the agreement of both benches, filing edges. According to Rasmussen polling, 55 percent of the population is against the reform, 41 in favor. That shortfall will bring troubles to Obama that fell to the lowest level of popularity in December, compared with any other president in the same period, with just 47 percent approval rating according to Gallup. The issue does not end there. The European experience as a public health concerns, says that where socialized medicine, as it became irreversible.

All enjoy free medical service and mediocre at the expense of high taxes, and anyone who requires treatment for excellence travels to Europe to be cured. The bell rang! Begins the second round. Convinced that did an excellent job, and boasting of his work, as we shall hear in the speeches in the coming months. Obama tired and worn, momentarily not want to click with new innovations shown people angry, so to be transferred to public attention towards peace between Israel and the Arabs. To keep things in perspective, remember that your first phone call was a foreign leader Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority's Fatah faction, which depends on the Martyrs Brigades terrorist group of Al Aqsa. Immediately after, she began her affair with King Arabia and other Arab leaders. The pro Obama Arabism feel very strongly, to the detriment of the Jewish state. Israel must attack Iran. Here there are no options. Even the Nobel Peace newly admitted that there is no alternative, but will remain a spectator comfort and make Jerusalem absorb the full weight of the battle. The conflict will involve Latin America, because the Bolivarian are with Ahmadinejad and his friendship with the Iranian move to some extent the war on this part. Except for the neo-communists, Hamas, Hezbollah and another stray, no Tehran supports. Even the Arab states. What gives a sense of mistrust that must be taken of the ayatollahs. The war with Iran will increase anti-Semitism. The racist onslaught will continue to be gestated by the progressive press, but in Latin America, in addition, will run from the top of Bolivar. First Round Scoring: The Democrats lost many seats in the congressional elections of November 2010, enabling the Republicans regain the Senate and perhaps win the House. Round 2: Exploiting outbreaks of violence in various parts of the world, including Latin America. Obama must confront the threat Iran Bolivarian "unless you want to have missiles aimed at Texas and California, plus hundreds of terrorists infiltrating the country with South American passports.