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Food Diary

I can not say that for the next workout will fly on wings of happiness, but once must therefore necessary. PS Yes, I almost forgot: the last time the coach told me to keep a food diary: when, how and what I eat during the day. It turned out that doing so is not difficult, moreover, very interesting and useful. It turned out that I eat just disgusting: in the morning do not eat, eat off the evening for the whole day. According to San Antonio Spurs, who has experience with these questions. Some endless chocolate, pasta and chips. The horror! That such a visual campaign to change their bad habits. LESSON TWO Still, as much to human situation.

In the women's gym is very cozy and quiet at home. There's a pleasure to be, want to get back there, and this in itself is a great incentive to train. The only I do not like in the hall, so this is a huge mirror in the wall, or rather, my reflection in them. Trainer for a moment did not take his eyes off me: guides, said. With its amended to make the exercise more difficult, but effective. Console myself with the thought that because of this I came.

So do not whine and moan not! PS weighed at the end of training – only a minus two hundred grams. It's a shame. Well, no, this is only the beginning. As time went on I did not expect from such a heroic feats – come early to the club for practice and even benefit from it each time more fun.