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Providing Quality Services

Is it free money, according to nekotrye, or is it worth the money? When discussing quality often more questions than we can give answers. We now define what quality, consider the model, we find the relation between quality and marketing, will explain why quality is important, and consider how the firm hospitality, tourism services and other areas of hospitality can improve the quality of their services. Quality in such service areas is very different from the quality in manufacturing firms. Product company engaged in the hospitality industry, is produced and consumed simultaneously, whereas the production and consumption manufacturing firms are separated in time and space. It gives manufacturing companies the time to check and remove defective products before consumers receive them. Defective products are the company money, but not so much like a client who refuses to buy the product or return it as defective. In hospitality services companies in periods of high demand for their services is very difficult to ensure quality control. Thus, achieving quality in the service sector – an important task, which provides entrepreneurial success.

The following example illustrates how mistakes can be admitted in the high season and during periods of congestion serving staff. A client has reserved a hotel room. At this time, a new hotel offered special reduced rates for those who lived nearby, to acquaint them with their services and thus create conditions for the positive feedback of the local population. Information about the hotel states that check after 2 hours of the day. But when a customer arrived at 2:30 pm, the clerk at the register said that while there is no vacant rooms and asked to wait. An hour later, the clerk announced that the room is ready.

Guest came in the room, opened the door and saw a few people in the room, then he returned to the registration desk and reported it to the clerk. Puzzled by the clerk checked the computer data, and then made a few phone calls. As a result, he found that the charge of the sale was meant to show the room to potential guests, but do not bother to delete it from the list ordered numbers. In normal times it would not create problems, but this day was very much wanting to stay in a hotel and waiting rooms. After cleaning, room was made available to waiting guests. Reception desk clerk explained to his guest what happened, and asked him to return to the room. Later he was served champagne and strawberries with an apology from the manager. Activity in the hospitality industry involves a high degree of contact and coordination among employees and guests. But the absolute quality can never be achieved. Employees will make mistakes, and the system will fail. The quest for quality – an endless process.

Prefer Apartment

Many people who come to Kiev or any other city, are often faced with the question – where better to settle down – in a hotel or apartment? For people of traditional attitudes choice of hotels is clear. But it often happens that places free anymore. Then in front of them and there is a question about renting apartments in Kharkov. Let us consider the main differences, pros and cons of hotels and apartments for rent in Kharkov. Price.

In most cases, the price of apartment at 60-70% less than equivalent hotel room. Along with this, we must remember that the longer you are going in the apartment for rent in Kharkov, the cheaper it will leave you in a day. Hotels such discounts do not give Comfort. Good apartments in Kharkov, complete with all necessary appliances (microwave, washing machine, iron, coffee maker), audio-video devices that do not always say about the rooms in the hotels. Also apartment, in most cases, much more spacious in size than a number. The apartment has a kitchen, a balcony, which creates a homely atmosphere and additional convenience to customers. Independence.

The apartment in Kharkov never a wait at the reception, registration documents and many other uncomfortable situations that may occur in the hotel. In addition to this, you may want to invite guests into the apartment that prohibited in most hotels. And check-out at an apartment in Kharkov is not strictly after 12, and at a convenient time for you, in advance with the landlord. The apartment can be a full-fledged resident of the city, not a guest. Savings. Coming to a family or a big company, hotel accommodation will result in a considerable amount, because you pay for each individual. With the flat is much easier and convenient – you pay for an apartment in Kharkov, rather than the number of people. It happens that one-bedroom apartments can accommodate 2-3 people that do not affect the value of the apartment, but, for example, for the family – it's very convenient and economically. Documents. Almost all firms providing housing accommodation in Kharkov, provide a complete list of documents required for reporting travel, exactly as the hotel. Service. In every apartment apartment in Kharkov you can always find fresh linens and towels, cleaning is carried out every four days, or by agreement at any time convenient for you. In the apartments in Kharkov in no way inferior hotel rooms. As we can see the benefits of apartments in Kharkov front of the hotel are obvious. Ease of living in apartments in Kharkov has been appreciated by many – the choice is yours!

Useful Tool

A traveler when you plan on venturing into places unknown and inhospitable, knows that it must always carry a compass or a map to guide and not end up losing in the area. Now, if you’re planning to go to the island of Tenerife, but you don’t know the place, it is best that you guidance tenerife maps to direct you to the place you want to visit. Although some tenerife hotels, tourist guide service they provide to guests, it is recommended that you always leave with a map of the island, so you know the address of the tourist sites. Designed a route now with Internet anything is possible, especially when it comes to seek accurate information about a place that has ever gone. For example, in the case of Tenerife, there are websites that provide basic information about its geography, climate, food, customs, etc. But also tourists can avail himself of the maps Tenerife that there are online by Internet, to design a path and select the tourist sites that plan to visit. Addition, avail themselves of the Tenerife maps allows you to locate best sites and save the time that would take you to be asking citizens about where is such tourist attraction. For both, designing a route in the city, it ends up being a great help. Also having maps of the city and its monuments in your hand you will get optimize your time the most during the day, avoiding unnecessary hiking and reaching a night with the forces necessary to also enjoy the interesting night deals offered by the city tinercena. The truth is that you can always find people willing to give you detailed information about the historical, artistic and natural sites, as well as points of entertainment and food offered by the island, so you can enjoy your holidays during your stay in Tenerife hotels.

Adriatic Sea

In the Adriatic Sea and with a population that does not reach the 45,000 inhabitants, Dubrovnik is presented as a great tourist destination that focuses its strengths in its walls, the old town, with its steep streets and its great history. Marks the 20th anniversary of the vote of the citizens who made that Dubrovnik will become part of Croatia and bombings carried out by Serbs and Montenegrins in order to prevent its independence from Yugoslavia. Luckily, today they are more tranquil times and we talk about a city with a special charm. Its main street called Stradun is a route of great beauty with nice terraces from which enjoy going and coming from the crowd of tourists who usually visit the place, almost always on foot, since its Center is almost pedestrian which makes trips between its streets are especially welcome. To visit Dubrovnik must not leave under any circumstances escape through its narrow and steep streets, many of which will take us to places that will remain engraved in our memory for many years by its great beauty. Moreover in some of these places are small restaurant and cheap hotels of great charm. Accessing the wall can get spectacular views of the red roofs that characterize the city and will help us to understand the history of this city and because it was declared world heritage by the Unesco in 1979. Nor should we forget that you as a coastal city, we have at our disposal some small but pleasant beaches and its famous old Bay, as a small Marina.