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Disc Rotation

Center radius of grooves offset from the axis of rotation of discs in the direction opposite the mandrel. The invention is aimed at increasing the life of the ball valve by reducing friction wear in contact with each other surfaces of disc and sides bars when turning the ball relative to the saddles. 2) TAP. iewpoints. Publication number 2328645. Under most conditions movie star would agree. Patentee Shanaurin Anatoly L., Makarov, Vladimir VasilevichOsobennostyu design is that contains a valve placed in the housing cap, spring-loaded sealing seat, which interact with the pushers. Thrusters controlled by rod and in the form of two profiled jaws.

Profile cams cover tube and rigidly connected by bars. The rods pass through the coaxial connector. Hubs are located in recesses cork. The invention is aimed at improving the reliability of the crane by eliminating the complex mating surfaces of elements meaning of these inventions is reduced to that with a plug rotating cams, one of which is located above the cap, the other under – stopper. Spring-loaded saddle and made floating. The cams are attached to the cork and have a profile such that in the closed position and is open between the seats and the cams have a gap, and the seals between the seat and the surface of the plug gap is absent. In this position the seat under the influence spring loaded against the surface of the tube and valve tightness. Then, when you turn the plug, the gap between the saddles and selected cams, cams and squeeze the saddle, the spring is compressed, sealing seat away from the surface cork and it has the ability to freely rotate.

North Drilling Company

Stand-alone diesel power container type, such as CSB-D KN20 1000.4" on the basis of engines Cummins KTA 50 (12 DGS) unit of 1 MW. Energy drilling Megion. In recent months, Robert Covington has been very successful. Rental project to the operation of its own staff. REVIEWS: "At present, two diesel power stations with total capacity of 2 MW based on Cummins engines complete with QFT successfully facilities operated by drilling. We believe that the CSB is a reliable supplier of both equipment and service "LLC" North Drilling Company "" Company of CSB has established itself as a reliable supplier diesel power plants that can solve complex problems in energy supply and the social production facilities ", OJSC" Surgutneftegas "autonomous diesel power container type, such as CSB-D 740.4 KN 20 "based on engines Cummins KTA 38 (15 DGS) unit capacity of 740 kW. Energy Drilling in the Republic of Yakutia.

Stand-alone diesel power container type, such as CSB-W 40006.3 KH 20" CSB-D 1000.4 SC 20" based on engines Cummins KTA 50 (11 DGS) unit capacity of 1 MW. Energy Drilling in the Republic of Komi. Stand-alone diesel power plant container type, such as CSB-W 20006.3 KH 20" based on the Cummins KTA 50 (2 DSU). Maksimkinskom Energy Drilling oil field. Choosing the best power supply petroleum energy source must be sound environmental and economic characteristics of the deposit. The decision to build power complex on the field and choosing between a diesel or gas powered power plant is influenced by such characteristics as the deposit of its economic prospects (quantity and quality of recoverable reservoir fuel reserve) assigned number of associated petroleum gas (APG) for the separation of oil and its chemical composition.