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Egypt Hotel

What does the number of stars, which is assigned to the hotel? It is logical to assume that it says about the level of the hotel or the hotel, the degree of their proposed comfort and variety of services. The more stars, the higher level of service, comfortable rooms and a correspondingly large range of services. Not exactly. Actually, not everywhere. The fact that different countries have different classification system of hotels, and in each country adopted their national standards. For example, in Greece, are using letters (A, B, C, D), in the uk – the "crown", etc. System of stars, assuming five categories of hotels – the most common, it used in Russia, Italy, France, Austria, Turkey, Egypt, etc. But even a system of classification does not guarantee travelers the same level of service and comfortable hotel rooms in the same category, but located in different countries.

Why is this happening? Why is starting, for example, in some warm Arab country, you can suddenly find that your room in five-star hotel is like a student dormitory, and the best local hotels belong to 9 +? The fact is that in different countries – different ways of assigning stars hotels and hotels. In some countries the hotel owners themselves, at its discretion assign a category hotel. For example, in the , as in most Arab countries, the number of 'stars' of the hotel is limited imagination of its owner, and operate here on the principle of 'more is better'. .

American Dream

Timid in front of an official, especially the police – a typical, over the years ineradicable feature of Homo Soveticus. If a child is busy reading a free moment, it's definitely a compatriot. The mention of the Union in the construction of 'we' remains in question for many years. disadvantages of the american way worth telling, and the negative sides of the "American Dream". They, too obvious Not everyone in America rich, and many just like us, live from paycheck to paycheck. I would say that here the conditions even tougher, because if you lose your job or your expenses will be reduced, then you can lose everything that he managed to borrow.

Generation of the current Americans are a generation of consumers. Recently decided that Americans spend 103% that earn. That is, they go into the minus, and no talk about how to save money, as they have not. That is, the average Americans can not take and lifestyle changes. This can be disastrous.

Americans are already living the good life, and no desire to develop further they do not. They rarely leave their homeland, as well as very bad oriented in what is happening in the world. So the U.S. is actively importing immigrants in American universities and colleges studying the foreigners and the Americans finish their education to give school certificate. In the U.S., tough, and sometimes absurd laws to protect identity. Since the weapons here can buy almost everything, everyone should strictly obey the law. If someone invaded your home and you believe that you face death danger, you have the right to use "deadly force", ie to kill the intruder. If you simply injure, the intruder can sue you in fact negligent handling of weapons. In America, developed stukachesky lifestyle. Since there you can sue for contempt, or even a slap, then almost all early childhood learning to knock. If you've done something illegal, and someone saw it, then you honestly nastuchat, make no mistake. For example, went in the evening to a restaurant or a movie, leaving a child under 12 years old home alone. If the neighbors see and call, then the child you can pick up and transfer to another family. Access to personal information. If desired, virtually anyone paying 10 bucks, can not find your contact information, names of relatives, number of previous convictions and divorce, property and other information. In America, a lot of cheap and high calorific food. If you do not deal with them, simply can be fat. It has become a state problem the U.S., so the children already at school are taught to eat properly, to distinguish healthy from writing harmful. Rapid assimilation. When injected into the American culture, many merge with it and become a typical American. They no longer care about any country, nor the world's problems, nor further their own development or other small items. Much more important is to consume more stuff and pay the bills, which regularly will come every month

Presidential Suite

Opens a series of survey network Rixos. The world-renowned hotel chain Rixos was founded in 2000 F. Tamince in , Turkey. The company's goal was to provide tourists a new level of service and world-class quality services. For several years the brand has become a leader Rixos hotel business in many countries of Asia and Europe. Title Rixos chain was in honor of one of the heroes of the Trojan War – Rixos, in 1000 bc founded the legendary city of Perge. Hotels, part of the network Rixos Hotels are working exclusively on the system All inclusive – All Exclusive, which became an integral part of the company's image.

Service hotel chain Rixos no doubt satisfy any requirements of the most exacting VIP-clients. In Turkey Rixos network includes six hotels. 1. Rixos Beldibi 5 * hotel is located near the village of Beldibi in forty kilometers from the airport of and Twenty kilometers from Kemer. The hotel has 248 rooms, including Standard rooms, deluxe and suites (including the Royal Suite and Presidential Suite). The hotel also has rooms for non-smokers and people with disabilities. More than half of the rooms have sea views. All rooms are equipped with the latest hotel service, have a balcony and central air conditioning system. The hotel has 3 restaurants and 5 bars, 3 swimming pools – indoor and outdoor, including a water slide, fitness center, spa and a full range of services for children. The hotel is fully equipped with its own pebble beach.