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Thrice Repeat to yourself: "Today I will not succumb to anger." When you feel better, sit down and write what is the cause of your anger. A few times read the writing. Go back to your records later, when you will be in a good mood, and write what you are going to do. In this case, out of a sense of compassion and love, for example says: "Today I forgive all." Important: if the anger was just, do not apologize, because, Thus, you give your energy to another person who can turn it against you. Meditation on the ocean floor. Turn on music. The back is perfectly straight, to anything you can not lean. Hands calmly lie on hips.

Relax, adjust your breathing, calm the mind. Focus on your breathing. Slow inhale, slow exhale. Imagine that you sit on the sandy bottom of the ocean you can breathe, the water – it is air you can see, around you are flying long weeds they grow up, reach for the surface to the light aquatic animals move in flocks of water fish a lot of them, but they are – a whole you sit quietly, you are comfortable, the water supports you you feel like seaweed you hear strange noises like children playing on the beach, but where – then there is the ocean no one knows where you are so calm, so peaceful, so safe your mind sometimes wakes up, but now you not seaweed, and bright, tropical fish swim away you're in the seagrass beds, rushing to the surface followed by air bubbles, you shall be the sun, the sounds involve the external world you will not be alone you feel, how easily you breathe there are so calm and quiet Focus on this feeling, feel the sun on your head you are well and quietly, no one knows where you are, you will not be disturbed life here is eternal Stay in this position in 1920 minutes.

Colonnata Street

The city of Homs, is considered one of the largest in Libya, in the region of Tripolitana. It is a port city located to the East of this country and close to the National Park of Jebal Nafusah. This considered one of the most important port cities of Libya, being capital of to Murgub, on the territory of the region of Tripoli, to just 100 her in this direction, and close to the renowned National Park of Jebal Nafusah. Even though Homs is the city of greater importance, Libya has a total of 25 municipalities, among which shares this given category along with the cities of Tobruk, Tripoli, Leptis magna, Derna, Berenice, Benghazi, Sebha, Misratah, Beida, Sabrahta, Marsa the brega. Today, estimated that it has a total approx. some 202,000 inhabitants, largely devoted to all kinds of activities directly related to the trade, ranging from the manufacture of SOAP, processing tuna and Esparto grass, through the refining of olive oil to export dates and esparto grass, element usable for the production of paper, ropes and shoes, among others. Deserves a special mention the fluctuating tourist activity, which found a great interest in learning sites as the city in ruins of Leptis Magna, which is walled ruins of what was the erected Roman city, and other so many buildings that they bear the same stamp.

As stated, it is important to note that this place was declared by UNESCO, in 1982, as a world heritage site, under the typology of archaeological and cultural site. It deserves to go in Leptis Magna which outside the amphitheater and was from his West side Stadium, market, theatre, the Byzantine port, the old forum, the Basilica of Severi, the Temple of the nymphs, the Colonnata Street and so many corners full of rich and unforgettable history. The city’s maritime nature, was in distant times, founded in the hands of the Turks, and more precisely taken under his power in a period dating back to the year 1553 to 1911. Already in 1870, the city of Homs ranks in importance thanks to the export of grasses or spartoi, an herb that flowed in North Africa and through its fibers, it was possible to produce paper.