School Place

This is what gave Jean Gagnepain the idea of a clinic that wanted to, himself, that is totally experimental. He said it was not because we changed "object" is to say "we" of nature to man (even if we build this man "object" is obvious) we change science: science must be, first a model consistent, and also place a check. It is important to experience somewhere, where the idea was that the clinic is, in man, the only place check. Referring to this clinic, Jean Gagnepain often evoked the work of the mechanic. In a strange car stops working all together. Nothing was damaged at the same time: sometimes it's on, other times the carburetor, etc. That's why he's always compared to a mechanic who learned mechanics repairing cars. Because, as in a car, it is strange that the man stop working all together.

Nothing was damaged at the same time: do not lose the reason, but we are right, and in the same way the reason might become the object of experimental science. With this title the Theory of Meditation may well be called clinical anthropology. And mediators (regrouped under the name of the School of Rennes), in the same way, are the first in the world to bet on the need to establish a scientific approach of the man who gives, obviously, in a theoretical model and at the same time, a place for experimentation. Put another way, the meeting point between the clinical theory and the place is very critical because we can not separate them …

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