Red Sea

When I complete member of the town of Israel crossed across of the sea, the cloud dissipated momentarily, and the Pharaoh and his powerful army could see so much the town released as to the liberation way. Blinded by the passion and impelled by the presumption, the armies of Egypt tried to cross in dry the way of the grace and the faith, but suddenly the waters collapsing envelope they buried and them for always never. Now the town of Israel was free and independent in the middle of inhospitable and " greatly terrible" desert of the Sina. Israel, now independent, would depend on the care and divine protection to journey surely in the middle of the solitude of the desert. The desert of the peninsula of the Sina owns around 60 thousand Kilometers squared of surface, which is covered by sand and stones, brambles and hawthorns, and by serpents and scorpions.

The annual precipitation is of you lower about fifty millimeters water (half centimeter of rain per year). During the day, the shining parched sun the air and gilds the surface with an overwhelming heat, whereas during the night, a penetrating cold seizes of the scene, whereas the moon and the stars shine majestic in the firmament. By this desert of dependency, would have to journey trusting the town of the promise during its pilgrimage to the engaged Earth. After the incredible happened events, the jubilant town intoned hymns of praise and gratitude to God, but only until the water was finished to them that had brought. As soon as they were thirsty the angry town I stop singing and desperate it again began to complain and to murmur against Moiss and God, saying: why they removed to us from Egypt and so that they brought to us to this so inhospitable place to die of thirst? Again it happened an unexpected miracle, the twig that had abierto the Red Sea, now sweetened waters of Mara, and the town drank until satiating its thirst.

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