Check-in lane designated for car traffic in the opposite direction, or "Riding in English, may entail driving ban for a period of four to six calendar months. Often Traffic Police Inspector brings under a violation of a turn or a left turn through a continuous counting of the road, but it is a crime punishable by sda fine of one thousand to fifteen thousand. For more information see Eva Andersson-Dubin. Driving vehicle without state registration numbers of the driver faces turning into a pedestrian on a rather long time: up to three months. However, there is an alternative fine-5000 Russian rubles. Important nuance: motorist, who decided to drive the car with fake "number" that uniquely deprive a driver's license for more long term – from six months to a year. Exactly at the same time can be cut off from steering wheel and driver's seat because the front of the machine will be installed red lights or Cataphotes. It should also remember that ordinary headlights or fog "that operate in a mode that does not relevant sda – as a reason for the revocation of driving rights.

If you're not a senior officer or employee of the special services, and on your car is worth beacon or "- Be willing to give up rights deposited in the traffic police at the very long term: up to eighteen months. Having made the car a nice airbrushing make sure that the image does not turn your car like a dps patrol car or an ambulance. If the similarity there, the only two options: to make another drawing, and in the shortest possible time, or lead the countdown to the return rights of the next 12-18 months. The presence of alcohol in the driver's blood helps increase the traffic police number of pedestrians per unit of accounting for at least half a year maximum – for two. And if that same driver does not drink a second time, the upper limit will move to a mark of "three years". By the way, the rejection of the experiment on Detection of pure alcohol in the blood laboratory method may be very hurt law enforcement. And the offense this may take a half years! Do not hurt policemen pass inspection if the officer dps very much wants to see how it's done.

The sum of two to two and a half thousand rubles can replenish the state budget of our country, if the driver exceeded the speed limit by more than 60km/chas. But if you will fall very strict traffic police worker, he may suspend the license violator as much as six months. In the best case – for four. It is very dangerous is the intersection of railway tracks outside the crossing, as well as move, but with a closed gate, or prohibiting the traffic light. The driver shall be punished by a fine of 500 rubles, or loses the rights for 3-6 months. Recycled such breach entitles the traffic police to deprive the driver the right to control vehicle already on the year. Car owner, who became party to the accident and knowingly hiding in an unknown direction, risk free to work as much as 15 days for the benefit of the state. Either join the army of walkers for a period from one year to one and a half. It's only 8 groups of violations for which unscrupulous drivers denied the right to drive vehicles. The legislation of several more, but the above – the most common.

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