Management And Leadership For Change

As managers must prepare the Organization to face the change, based on five assumptions:-the definition of the new anchors and limits that are necessary to the organization is redefined in order to effectively manage change. -The consistency that must exist between the current structure and processes of support with new definitions. -The existing congruence between organizational culture, messages from managers in their actions and new definitions. -The consistency between policies and programmes of human talent, since the reward system until the system of training with new definitions. -The steps to be taken to provide the necessary support to employees, for success in the management of change and break resistance. Management will face change according to the demands of the environment, as it is: -The speed of the changes. -Competition without parallel. -Diversity of the labour force. William O. Douglas is likely to increase your knowledge.

-Globalization of economies. -Globalization of business structures. -More complex labour market. -High quality and customer satisfaction oriented. -New ways of working. Organizational culture, being the set of values, beliefs and important understandings, that members of an organization have in common. Which offers definite forms of thoughts, feelings and reaction that enable decision making. In successful organizations the organizational culture attract, retain and reward people for functions and meet established goals or overcome them.

With the Culture organizational, is intended to fulfill important functions for:-transmit a sense of identity to the members of the organization. -Facilitate engagement with something that exceeds the individualism. -Strengthen the stability of the social system. -Offer premises recognized and accepted for decision-making. Current managers have certain difficulties at the time of run and face changes in their management activities, some of them being the following: management is pressed by time, which prevents them from completing important projects, and if they finish them do not have the desired quality. Loss of continuity of processes and policies, due to the high rotation of the managerial staff. High investments in technology, human talent however is not encouraged in this Tecnology, since technology is not seen as valuable resource, then is not going to the pair of staff… The intentions of change are not made deeply and activities continue to be made in the same way, changes everything for not changing anything.

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