Line Tourism

CURITIBA Par a recent research made by the City hall of the city of Curitiba sample that 10% of the Curitibanos have some type of deficiency. The city is sufficiently advanced in the questions of urban accessibility, but still thus, the government continues investing, in order to become it 100% accessible one. Image 8: High crossing Source: Personal quantity Image 9: Station Pipe Source: Personal quantity the system of collective transport of Curitiba is one of most efficient of Brazil, what it is proven by a series of international prizes. It is a type of surface subway, therefore they are direct lines that if they establish connection with other peripheral ones. In each one of these stations a collector exists who receives the ticket anticipatedly, becoming the trip fastest. The embarkment is carried through in level, per the stations pipe, the majority with access for people with deficiency. These stations count on elevatory platforms, but a more practical solution would be the use of slopes in the places where it has space for this, therefore beyond cheaper, they are more easy to use and they excuse maintenance.

In Curitiba an option of very interesting tourism exists that is the Line Tourism, dealt with a line of special bus that circulates in the main tourist points of the city. With it, it is possible to know the main attractions of the city. One of the best ones of the country is considered, circulates to each thirty minutes, covering 45 approximately km. He is possible to initiate passage in any one of the points and the passenger can disembark in any tourist point and later catching the next circular bus. All the buses of the line are accessible in the trreo floor, therefore it has two floors, and from above part is discovered, what it becomes the amused and usable stroll well.

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