Jean Cocteau

But the beast captures him. The daughter is concerned, she finds her father and finds him in the Castle. She agrees to live forever with the beast instead of her father’s although they are terrible before the ugly Shape fears. But then the unimaginable happens: the beautiful Belle recognizes the true, hidden character in the monsterhaften appearance. Soon falls in love with the beast in the beautiful woman and wants to confess his love to her. But this no longer happens. Because the castle is under attack, to kill the beast.

The mortally wounded beast falls from a tower and is of beautiful found. At the same time as the last petal of the rose to the ground falls, revealing their love Belle the beast. Now the body of the beast begins to float and to light up, he turned back into the Prince. Overjoyed fall to Belle and the Prince in the arms. As they Kiss, bright light captures the gloomy Castle, and it regains its natural beauty. The spell is broken.

Belle was the one whose heart void started against all expectations to fill with heart energy. Stunningly beautiful film adaptation of Jean Cocteau, soft, gentle tones of Mystic-sounding sound in this moving moment Violin, whose Tone is slowly raising more and more compact. And also the body of the violin itself is empty as the heart of people who could see nothing in the legend as the beast inside. The wood of the instrument covered empty nothing, which is located in its Center. A creative nothing that is introduced only by the gentle brushing of the strings to the blades. The sound amplified through the cavity produce a spherical response and put in a vibration that is expanding not only the entire instrument, but also the space, musician, and his listeners in particular their hearts. The sound is gaining ground, and where was first only emptiness, everything now is filled with energetic sound.

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