In India

Such as used ur water will never reach this first quality condition (Entropy)! In India will be commercialized by Coke water sources and there are only Coke for the locals to drink. oil, coal, and gas etc through disposable irretrievably lost. Sun, wind and water we can continuously (in theory) use free of charge. A newly planted tree to achieve the quality of his predecessor. We improve bio diversity through cultivation and domestication.

Hard facts (money and goods) are reduced by use. Soft facts (love and knowledge) multiply by use. Clan societies consider loan such as land. We set real estate prices, tax it and inherit from them. Who owns a tree on the property? Earlier, people moved there, where they found adequate living conditions.

Militarists and colonists moved country borders on Africa cards with the ruler and ignored the natural boundaries of life until today -! At a extinction rate of two per day the two existing ad millennia would suffice (nominal) almost! Biodiversity or biological diversity means the variability among living organisms from all backgrounds, including agriculture, marine and other aquatic ecosystems and the ecological in accordance with the Convention on biological diversity (CBD) Complex, to which they belong. This includes diversity within species (species diversity), between species and the diversity of ecosystems. Refers to all aspects of diversity in the living world. Biodiversity is a livelihood for the human welfare, why is its preservation of particular interest. Source:, extract to the lucky UN Jurists in international law treaties go out today from the conservation of biodiversity as an end in itself (such as? instead of whether?)! Levels of bio diversity (diversity of life): genes and individuals (the Atomic). Family, species, populations: All the individuals of a species in an area. Species, species (un corporeal): 1.850.000 species, 800,000 species, at least 100,000,000 worldwide! Living bacterial cells: 5 x 10 high 30 ( stars in our Milky Way Galaxy) varieties (un inspired), biomes: climax vegetation type the three domains of life: bacteria: heat lovers dosing rays, Archaea: heat lovers, Salt lovers, Eukarya dosing alkali: Plants, animals, fungi, algae, flagellate, low protists if you accept the hierarchical numbering (1-4) in the two previous lists, then they are still somewhat away from the active nature conservation (Heterarchie instead of hierarchy).

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