Holiness Pope Benedicto

Expected thousands of pilgrims in the acts of the closing of the world meeting of the families that would be chaired by his Holiness Pope Benedicto XVI, the Saturday vigil and Sunday mass. Turis, a very hospitable people, we could appreciate the value and meaning of the extended family composed of believers. Continue to learn more with: Tony Parker. The families of Turis that we were welcomed, were undoubtedly great spiritual family members and behaved as such. They offered us an exquisite meal and made us feel at home and among friends. We ate and talked for 2 hours as if we had known us throughout life. This was a good experience on our pilgrimage and others would follow it.

After the meal, those who were going to spend the night in Valencia we said goodbye and went back to the coach. We quickly reached the city that had adorned to receive the Pope. All type flags hung from Windows and balconies. There were women and men who were emperifollados with his buoyant regional attire. The pilgrims, yellow and white colors, stressed everywhere in those troubled streets and squares. Hundreds, or perhaps thousands of people were bent, moving with ardor as he who has a mission. There let us coach amid all that activity and us trying to find their way without exiting in our astonishment. We had been walking an hour, or at least the feeling we had.

It seemed to us that backpacks weigh more, the sun burned even more, that the crowd was still denser. The City Council had placed sprays everywhere so that the pilgrims could refresh ourselves, but spent all long to avoid having to contend with the crowd who were gathering around the sources. When we finally find the zone assigned to our group, the disappointment was tremendous. I had agreed to sleep outside, because I imagined it would be like a camping trip to the shore of the River.

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