Hemingways House

Key West is surrounded by the sea. People fed his fish, the tearing of his moods by the gentle waves of peaceful months up to the floods of the summer hurricane season keeps them in spell. Obviously, it attracts many young Americans to this remote place where the informal atmosphere combines southern charm with a pinch of salt to a very own character. One who loved this place and the sea with all its adventures, was Ernest Hemingway. Key West became his second home.

In 1931, he bought a stately old house with a large garden, where he a few years later the first swimming pool of the town was. He set up the first floor of a small garden House as a work room, where no one was allowed to disturb him. Here he wrote most of his books. After his death in 1961 his two sons and his widow sold the possession of West to friends from key. These have a memorial for the great with many memorabilia Writer set up and made available. Tame cats umstreichen the legs of visitors.

There were probably their grandparents, like stroking the cat friend of Hemingway. If this House and the special charm of key West has met, who can understand that this man who has searched the adventures of this century in the whole world and experienced, to bring them in his work, withdrew here ever again and felt at home. Jay Schwartz spoke with conviction. A trip to Hemingways House is offered on every Caribbean cruise. More info on Caribbean cruises to key West you find at the specialist Kurskaribik.de. Heino Tegeler

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