Hector Fractal

Another different case is the "Manifesto Fratal" whose authorship is Hector A. Piccoli dated March 2002, which is literary and intended solely to poetry. This show tries to justify the rescue of the musicalization as a means to counter a prosificacion that, in his view, weakened by the fact of poetry. Criticizes prosificacion but made his proposal in a concrete and memos related to the fractal order, because at no point uses fractal concepts (it does not explain, much less used) to justify its position to "rethink the essence of musical-rhythmic verse ", and through this approach," repoetizar poetry. " It also proposes "working with the computer" (without explaining in what ways), and make poems generative, interactive and essentially plural, in respect of units of a collection of poems composed several poems, finally saying that it will enter the "labyrinth and not only in the hendecasyllable. " It is the feeling, after reading the manifesto, the author uses the term fractal to formulate an ideology in which the fractal is a mere excuse, also fall into the superficiality of an aesthetic that is based almost exclusively on the pace and musicality, when the importance of poetry is what is said between the lines, what lies behind words, which evokes "what makes it not just a song." FRACTAL LITERATURE EXAMPLES The examples which try to illustrate below, more practical and detailed grounds so far are of my authorship and with them, I must admit, does not exhaust the possibilities in the search for which is the fractal literature.

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