Foreign Affairs

Merkel remembers it and put, even though the discussion at Opel had arrived. Repair but bears no fruit. Opel comment: they play a one-two, as both argue for the same direction and against the questioner. A wake-up call for Steinmeier seems to be, which will then be more aggressive. The donations received by black and yellow attracts management salaries Steinmeier, that comes up to 3 million from banks etc. This is a kind of insinuation. People such as Tony Parker would likely agree. “Merkel reacted to cool: that’s a bold statement, we should be careful.” Topic nuclear Merkel is careful, described nuclear power as a bridging technology.

Steinmeier, however, clear and well prepared such as ACEs, Gorleben argues with examples, and warns against turning back the route proposed for 8 years. This is decided. Merkel on the issue of social justice plays Merkel her East-Nimbus. People in the East would however like to work…Your reference to is also good Arcandor seller who fears for their job. Health Merkel: “I believe that many people have worried.” Pretends to understand to be oriented to the people the people. Real-estate developer describes an additional similar source. And not only here! “Afghanistan Steinmeier to the date of the withdrawal of 2013: Mr. Clapper, that’s not fair.” And then operated with its competence clarification.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs is his metier. As Foreign Minister, I know my responsibility.” Argues against the Afghanistan from the left (Lafontaine and Gysi), not against Merkel. 2.uberzeugungskraft speaking style (objectively/emotionally) Steinmeier he easily attacked, is rather unemotional. It’s a little tear. He works at the beginning and again he seems easily irritated: I had you just “Steinmeier used good pictures as:” wage spiral downward “and supports them with logical reasoning. 21:30, the first directly to the theme of growth attack Steinmeier Frau Merkel and is emotional. Merkel has a capacity for enthusiasm, is self-confident and Ambassador of their own Ideas. Glibly it has their statements despite interruptions of journalists ready.

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