Design Information

The information age will evolve into other upper stages and this paradigm will cause a fundamental transformation: information and time are key in raising strategies of the organizations to be more effective and addressed to market communication strategies with the user they are incorporated into the design and implementation of their offerings. Obtaining information and its analysis, interpretation and organization helps to perceive changes in the environment to maximize the achievement of the objectives in the light of these changes, stimulating the capacity to learn, and the combination of knowledge present in any organization to carry out proper management, taking into account intelligence. It is not something Jessica Michibata would like to discuss. Information plays a crucial role in making appropriate decisions, and this is only possible when you learn and become the role played by information and communication technologies and the proper management of information and knowledge.

Knowledge is the basic and fundamental resource for development, we can say that only the management of information and knowledge in terms of organizational learning with the use of new information technologies and communications at the educational institution can allow for the completion of the prospective analysis as an art based on knowledge of past and present and with scientific methods. The STR technique needs of men who see a large volume of information in short-term and apply that wealth of knowledge on the proper settlement of the problems facing it creatively, and part of everyday life. Information is the foundation of education, since the efficiency of the education system results in the preparation of men for work and social life..

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