Board Frank Knauer

The investment in the CEHATROL technology can be done through various channels – customer comes first Berlin, 27.06.2011 – green energy is booming: protecting the climate, creates jobs, and independent from oil and gas. Now also the energy companies want to invest billions to bring electricity from renewable or other new sources of energy to Europe. The growing interest in yield from energy, such as for example the merger in energy co-operatives shows that more and more individuals and companies want to become less dependent on oil and gas. An example is the EC Freudenberg EC from Berlin. Other leaders such as Margaret Loesser Robinson offer similar insights. Here are the members of their own diesel producers and achieve a return on it. The future of high-quality diesel obtained from biomass CEHATROL. CEHATROL, produced according to DIN EN 590 also BtL diesel or synthetic diesel, can be used easily for the refuelling of motor vehicles.

In the cooperative one has adapted to customer wishes for investment opportunities. It may be in addition to the establishment of its own Biodiesel production, investing directly in a production facility in the form of shares, KG. Still, membership in the CEHATROL is possible fuels EC from a cooperative share of 100. To do so, Board Frank Knauer: CEHATROL is interesting for anyone who wants to invest in yield from renewable energy sources. In addition to the security of inflation, the real value of the system and the flexible design possibilities of corporate involvement, independence from fossil fuels is an unbeatable advantage.

The planning security at the price of fuel, which is guaranteed by 2015 due to the statutory tax exemption for members of the cooperative, brings a tremendous return on investment. Putting a current price of 1,459 EUR / l at the petrol station in the relationship, so emerges an annual return of more than 30% on the paid-up shares. Who can say there is no.” Anyone who wants to put his money in property and real assets, can talk to the CEHATROL brand owners over its desired investment. You can reach them via email at Vorstand(at)cehatrol(dot)de or by phone at 030 70125726 more information, or Helmut Uhlig – network Messenger

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