Age Vargas

The Boxes of Retirements and pensions in the reality had been the first entities that had given to a new A stage the medicine in Brazil and consequently precursory of the National Institute of Social welfare. Valley to point out of that one of first the CAPs it was of the railroad workers, what it demonstrates that the country blunted of a great exporting power agro and that the railroad ones were a classroom that had as mission to drain the production for the great centers. The Age Vargas is considered as one of bigger growth in the health publishes in Brazil, where the 1930 revolution translates new concepts the social matters which fully had been assimilated by the previdenciria assistance and measured of the workers, therefore in the period Vargas, it had considerable increments the questions diligent politician, as for example the creation of the Justinian codes of Retirement and Pensions; All this process had beginning with the crisis of 1929 that it redefined the organization of the state, where the breaking with the elites oligarchical of Mines and So Paulo opens a new precedent the expansion of the Brazilian economic system, giving to a great emphasis the changes in the Brazilian legislation and that of the sproutings to an industrial sector and that necessarily it is magined necessity of one social politics that our industrial and agrarian bourgeoisie took care of. With a picture politician already defined by Vargas, the consolidation of the capitalism fit consequently essentially and alterations in the agrarian structure in the country and with the power each time more centered president Vargas homologates the Consolidation of the working laws, this in function of the requirements of the workers. The mass extremely of wage-earning workers, looks for to establish a capital relation and work, thus guaranteeing its social rights, beyond giving to a security politics to the new state. In this aspect social politician, the government Vargas agglomerated the diverse Boxes and Justinian codes of retirements and Pensions in such a way that it enclosed the totality of the population, have since these institutions alone took care of its filiados ones and dependent. Although the defects occurred in the politics developed for Getulio Vargas, had innumerable pacts in the sector of the health publish as the Ministry of Education and Health Publishes, was come back the questions of action and prevention and research that is a historical landmark in the health publish Brazilian thus giving a route the construction of an integrated system of public health that passed of the assistncias to all social levels of great parents with its diversity and peculiarities. References: Milk Jnior, Alcides Domingues. Development changes in the Brazilian state.

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