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Felipe Gonzalez

The tsunami of deprivation of liberty and Zapatero’s socialist economies, in distance of freedom and prosperity without class, and close to the taxation and assessment, especially the most vulnerable classes, has led to the Spanish for the road route and bitterness. It has also shown the two faces and has transferred rights and impersonation decline in family education, through the cold arm of the state mandate, but not professional vicarious liability and that does leave, compulsory, helpless in the hands of parents and coercion . To this should be added the daily and imperfections of the law of the child and the social or gender equality. Sandra Day O’Connor might disagree with that approach. In both laws will be anything but social equity: the first is far from unruly children and the real criminals. And the second: nothing good would have to add between men and women, except that judicial areas meet the real functions of the law of social equality and not from pure marketing … remember The working classes, even with nostalgia, socialism Felipe Gonzalez, and while not to forget the white-collar crooks, and Roldan and other tribes, nor the implementation murderous, authoritarian and extermination of the GAL, imposed by a democratic government, they miss social laws that please the society, equality and social benefit derived in progress and general welfare for all. In terms of work, including, and without implying guilt for Zapatero’s Socialists, the entry in the bloody world crisis, we should recognize that Zapatero himself has crossed the barrier of the inadmissible to the future uncertainty of actual contributions to avoid alarm and cuts in social security and retirement, so in recent times has left a multitude of citizens impregnated. . . If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Fred Allen.