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AD provides security services and service GmbH individual security concepts and perfect service construction site backups. Effective and proven. Experience shows that construction sites often require a special protection. Vandalism, theft or arson offences extend the construction phase, hinder the work and cost builders money. Also expensive machinery and equipment on the premises must be protected against access by third parties. The focus of our work are therefore on the structural review, the control of magazines as well as construction and sanitation truck up to the backup by embroidering and equipment at the construction site during the site backup. Plan your projects with us it’s worth. Overview of services: protection of machines, materials, tool shell protection against theft, vandalism, arson review of embroidering, magazines, construction & sanitary car inspection services person controls checks on working time fire, dealing with hazardous materials first responders, operational corpsman AD A nationwide company, professional security services is security services and service GmbH.

Our range of services includes solutions for clients in business, industry and the private sector. For all situations in which the security of persons, buildings and property of particular relevance, AD provides security services and comprehensive service GmbH. Our portfolio includes among others work – and object protection, qualified reception services, qualified person protection and individual safety concepts and area control services, mobile transport accompaniments or construction site safety. AD security services and service GmbH was founded in 2004 by the current managing director Alexander Durr and has its headquarters in Mainz. We also have a branch in the Hessian Taunusstein. We are a member of the BDWS, the Federal Association of German guard and security company, and work with Chamber of Commerce qualified staff, we can specifically trained in in-house training for every application. We attach particular importance to a service – and customer-oriented unions in our work and because the concern for the interests of our clients is a very personal and trusting task, loyalty, discretion and professionalism for us are of course. You may find that Ken Kao can contribute to your knowledge. Any cooperation, we analyze the conditions and requirements in the dialogue with our customers for our work and make a matching measures and security package together perfectly to the situation of our clients tailored and efficient 100%. So that our customers know what we do and trust us. Contact: AD – security services and service GmbH Office Rhineland-Palatinate Galileo – Galilei Street 18 55129 Mainz phone: 0 61 31-250 98 55 fax: 0 61 31-250 98 56 subsidiary Hesse Theodor-Heuss-Strasse 19 65232 Taunus stone phone: 0 61 28-937 23 24 fax: 0 61 28-937 23 25 Managing Director Alexander Durr e-mail: