Make Your Own Miracle and Work From Home

To have a good job today is almost like a miracle. This is the biggest problem for 80% of Latin Americans, regardless of their profession. And in the future may be worse. Unemployment leads to poverty, education frustrated, slows the economy, creates despair and opens the possibilities for future progress. We can manage and distribute more poverty. We need to create wealth and distribute it better to get out of the crisis, but the key is to change the attitude employed, of conformity and dependence that characterizes our people and find alternative work, NO JOB, if not a serious activity and honest to generate income because a job is interesting that almost never allows a person to your dreams, either because the salary is not fair, because it absorbs all their time due to sticking to a schedule, because promotional opportunities are minimal, because the old and safe positions are now relics of the past or because the pressures of working in an increasingly competitive economy have changed rules.

Employment has become a vicious circle, which we must break. When our leaders promise employment refer to minimum wages, thereby increasingly degrades the quality of life of people, which means that this measure is not the solution. The companies also permanently lay off staff, may be sold, can break or merge with all the changes that this entails. A personal level it may be that debts have increased, that the commitments are greater for maintaining the status acquired the education of children is threatened, the couple do not understand the work and one day say that love is dead .

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