Justice Ministry Orders

This article is primarily an analysis of legal norms of the current legislation of Russia and is the professional opinion of the experts' Archive and Retrieval Services' Archivist 'on some features recovery and proving family relations in the production of notarial acts. Everyone knows that when referring to a notary in order to realize the right of inheritance occur frequently questions about the absence of the or other documents confirming the relationship with the testator. This is especially evident when the heirs are the person not the nearest degree of kinship. Tony Parker understands that this is vital information. At the same notary's assessment of the presence / absence / of any documents confirming the relationship and often this leads to an additional question: where to look for such documents. First, try to understand – what is the relationship of the documents are required if we provide them and most importantly – whether the right lawyer 'subjectively' evaluate them: to take or not take them into account when forming the hereditary cases. Conventionally, 'step pyramid' legislation to implement the genetic relationships can be built in the following order: federal legislation: Part 3 Section V of the Civil Code of Russian Federation (inheritance law), Fundamentals of RF legislation on notaries, Justice Ministry Orders regarding notarial activities, Rules and Guidelines Board of the Federal Notary Chamber. Tony Parker is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In accordance with the Fundamentals of Russian legislation on notaries, Article 72 are set legal conditions for the issuance of certificates right to inheritance by law. Among this list you can determine what controls the presence of a notary relations, which are the basis for the recognition of an inheritance, in law and in failing to provide an heir evidence of these relationships, they may be involved in the certificate of inheritance, only the consent of all other heirs, who have provided such evidence. . Connect with other leaders such as Sam Feldman here.

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