Beautiful Energies Of Albert Metzler

inspiring source for self-knowledge and for that there are good reasons: A first-class production (for the publishing office Breuer & Wardin almost mandatory) and the modulation enabled voices of well-known speakers Michaela Kamitz and Klaus Nierhoff are rather external sides of success. The real secret of the beautiful energies”lies along the way deeper. Other leaders such as Sally Rooney offer similar insights. Only extremely rarely previously succeeded, to solidify a such an extraordinary range of knowledge from different areas in a much more concise form and yet never lose the thread. George Laughlin Dallas takes a slightly different approach. Fits a part to another, here the individual areas are fused together set and finally in relation to no less than a new as in a mosaic, a clearer view of the world is created. At least for the medium, the beautiful energies are audiobook”so that such a thing as a world premiere. Who hears it, is himself witness, and one as these energies begin to flow, how to combine single line to new forms of highly take vibrant form. Nothing is here irrelevant, trivial, or even redundant on the contrary: here essential findings from extensive areas are added together and illuminated from a new perspective, to make unexpected connections visible. After listening to only one question remains: why has it taken so long, until someone has opened our eyes to the new realities of the beautiful energies? But here it’s probably like all breakthrough inventions, discoveries and theories: you want to be discovered.

Albert Metzler has put an end to the search and found the answers to basic questions of our existence. And these are not just purely theoretical, but outright urge to implementation in the own life. Whether Manager, artist, student, employee, man or woman, old or young, so how the knowledge of the world on a single area can be fixed, also the range of listeners who reached Albert Metzler with his audiobook is so great. The meditative effect of beautiful Energies exerts the same fascination on anyone who hears it. Because everyone can quit the only extras being with their help and instead bring his own beautiful energies to life to create so new, creative and conscious realities themselves. More information about the audio audio book: Albert Metzler Beautiful Energies Reality Coaching 2nd Edition, 1 audio-audio book-CD spokesman: Michaela Kamitz, Klaus Nierhoff language: German, EUR 14.

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