Tim Valentyn

The innovation lab enables organizations to act, even if the environment is constantly changing flexibly and successfully. Fast impulse can be with new little time and money workshop and analysis formats and set changes in motion. In the future only be can assert themselves who are able to meet rapidly changing needs. For more specific information, check out actress. We can help them”Tim Valentyn by the Innovation Lab says 40 degrees”. No textbook wisdom that this was no textbook wisdom, demonstrated K12’s own example: constantly be evaluated experiences and observations of the Advisory and formulated new offers which correspond to the current, actual needs of communication in companies.

The success proves this practice right. In the last Year increased their sales by more than 30 percent the Agency and hired 8 new employees. K12 in 2006 in Dusseldorf, Agency for communication and innovation GmbH was founded and currently employs 28 staff. It helps their customers to change (with) communication. Digital and social media, videos, and interactive presentation formats play a large role in addition to classical instruments such as publications or events. In addition, K12 advises customers comprehensive changes associated with the reconstruction and renewal of companies but also with the modernization of communication routines. DAX-30 companies as well as larger medium-sized companies, ministries, associations and charity organizations are on the customer list.

For more information see: 40 degrees GmbH laboratory for innovation helps to develop medium-sized and large companies solutions and the ability, to moving agile in a constantly changing market environment. This 40 is breaking new ground of innovation development: 40 combines the expertise in the fields of corporate foresight, user experience and change management to a holistic range of services. 40 uses highly visual formats, to vividly convey individual work steps and results. More information under: contact person: Jorg Hoewner Tel. 0211 5988 1632 fax 0211 5988 1699

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