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Party Cruise

Exclusive and free tickets are available now through the promotional Web site available Neu-Isenburg / Berlin, 19 July 2013 – Pepsi MAX clears the anchor for the party event of the summer: at the Pepsi MAX Party Cruise on the Spree River floats of the dancefloor and the sky of Berlin replaced the disco ball. For the ship, only the matching crew missing: on the dedicated website max can from now every man for his exclusive ticket apply. On September 8, 2013 there is linen then go with Pepsi MAX! “.” While several hours driving over the spree, the DJ team Hangergang sound system known far beyond the borders of Berlin provides feat. The Bo with pledged to beats and sounds for tuning on all decks. Drinks and snacks are, of course, for all guests included.

Creates the party ship in close proximity to the Centre of the capital at the end of the tour. To underline the exclusive character of the event, the tickets only via the website are available. To get one of the free tickets, everyone must show why he or she necessarily is on board. In addition, Pepsi MAX with a spectacular action in Berlin in early August offers another chance to become a member of the party crew. What exactly is it, will remain until then but still shrouded in mystery. After the widespread cinema and TV commercial with Pepsi successfully draws attention MAX since the end of May to the Party Cruise marked the next peak in the presence of the brand now in 2013. Pepsi MAX is characterized not only by maximum taste completely free of sugar, but is also the perfect companion for all those who do something special out of every moment and want to get more. We offer this dynamic and experience-oriented target group with the Party Cruise an extraordinary event in the party capital of Berlin. We are already very excited to see what ideas participants on our Web site do with to be on board with,”says Robert Sadjak, Marketing Director at PepsiCo Germany. For the implementation of the event, the Berlin advertising agency draw the message as well as the Hamburg-based multichannel agency Davies Meyer responsible. PepsiCo Germany press contact: Robert Sadjak Marketing Director Frankfurter Strasse 190a 63263 Neu-Isenburg Tel + 49 (0) 6102 749 0 Agency: Hendrik Baumann trademark GmbH Hanauer Landstrasse 196a 60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany Tel + 49 (0) 69 7104 880 78

Cologne Singles

Cologne singles meet DATE 6 10 like-minded people on straightforward manner at the speed dating nice! Frankfurt, 17.05.2013: Cologne singles can again in 2013, and quickly other Partnersuchende to a speed dating event by the NICE DATE to get to know. Other than at original flirt parties, where the singles eye to each other superficially and rarely deeper conversations arise, comes at the speed dating each single with anyone of the opposite sex in contact where for many the opportunity arises, to reveal interesting personality. It fits two participants not no problem, because each call lasts only 8 minutes before the man to the next women’s further advances. During the speed dating, everyone on his personal sympathy card noted, whether he wants to or not seeing the or the opposite. Our presenter collects the cards of the participants at the end of the speed dating and evaluates them within 24 hours after the speed dating, so that the Cologne singles can get quickly communicated their results. The advantage: only with mutual agreement of speed dating propagated the contact data participants! “” Registration for the speed dating in Cologne, in the typical Cologne fleet “will take place, as well as other details about this uncomplicated and entertaining way of finding partners in Cologne can be found on our homepage nd/cms/front_content.php?idcat=44&lang=1 company profile provider of the NiceDate speed dating is the local service agency event agency Thomas Jaeger”. Since 2009 the Agency offers special events for singles in major German cities.

Compared to other industry-specific she stands out by maintaining the confidentiality of its customers, which is why the events in separate rooms and coverage in principle be refused by television. Can the concept of 8 dates 8 minutes”through non-attendance of candidates not implemented (the provider are guaranteed a minimum presence of six persons per Gender), the present disadvantaged participants entitled to free of charge to attend another event.