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This is an article written by one of the great art of seduction, his name is Neil Strauss in this world commonly known as Style. This character is one of the great masters in the art of seducing women, is the author of the book a The Game or more known in Spanish as Metodoa a The Neil is a great writer and his book is one of major source of information for those who want to learn how to seduce a woman, and I came across this article written by him. Briefly talk about how many men are so obsessed with the issue of Sargeo that end up giving up everything else in his life, for that reason lose all interest to women, since one can not think everything in life is linking to any woman were crossing the front. For this reason I also decided to put this article on my blog, as a tip for those who are starting and those who are beginning to see improvements in their attitudes seductive and are starting to have success with women. Do not give up other things in life, one of the great attractions of an Alpha Male is to have diversity in your life, that makes them more attractive to the opposite sex. Here is the article, enjoy it: yAlguna you ever noticed that there is something strange in a lot of sargers? It is as if we lay down a man, and could only say that something is missing.


Another day I was talking to a person and the topic of conversation was intimate relationships, then I made a comment that a fight once in a while was good to create a learning space within the relationship. The person in question replied that I did not like fights, she preferred reconciliation. From this conversation I remembered a friend who had gone through a process of struggle and reconciliation that is a good example to illustrate this article. In one afternoon on a Sunday, my friend was making a settlement in his office, and for that recruited the help of some workers and also offered to help two of his nephews, who were brothers, and lived in the same house my friend. It was a difficult job, had to install some windows that were very heavy. The work went on without a hitch until I finished and everything went well.

To celebrate, the workers bought some beers and started to take and talk. One of the nephews of my friend happened to the beer at a time started fighting with his brother. My friend was disgusted watching that scene and was talking to the boy, this was altered so that he began to insult her in a rude and unusual because he had never spoken that way. My friend in tears and disappointment, left the place very upset at the same time he felt powerless to react, it was his nephew. There was very heavy weather the next day because the boys mother was very embarrassed with his son and the boy also was embarrassed because I could not look into the eyes of my friend. It may take several days, and during that time there was no change in the situation.

Then came a special date where there was a family reunion. There, between sharing and sharing, an opportunity arose that the two were alone, and the boy with a very humble attitude, apologized to her aunt, both with tears in his eyes embraced and reconciled. This is a good example of how we change our attitude when we make a mistake. We all make mistakes, we are human, but we are also intelligent beings, and our negative attitudes remedy is an action of intelligent beings. That story is common in our lives, and I'm sure many have gone through something similar. So your best bet is reconciled.