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Nilson Martinez

The most pessimistic thought that would wake the sleeping lion, to score three goals or more, and ruin the party. I was part of that group, but not what anyone said (I hope you have not this) and I put up with my fears in silence. N or had spent twenty minutes after the break when he scored Sucre. I saw my neighbors concerned: some clutching their heads, others said curses and more insulting the referee not to award a previous lack of goal. I could see some men as they headed toward the door. But returned because the outer door was finished beer. Later I learned they were from Sincelejo and they were happier with their goal to us with the two we had. The minutes passed and the tension was increasing.

The ball is rigged in our large area and did not want to leave it. Crashed twice in the horizontal and once more in the left upright. In addition, Nilson Martinez, a boy under, nervous, and very agile cried had saved us six times. "It's over time," said my neighbor. However, as the referee did not hear that because the match went on. And Nilson should make every effort to avoid goals almost done with our rivals.

– AA referee ran out of time!, People screaming. And he said other words that are not related to memory dear mother of the judge. And against other female members of his family tree. The ball came back to our area in the last play of the game.